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IPOB Demands Better Electricity Service From EEDC In SOUTH EAST Else Eviction Is Imminent

IPOB Demands Better Electricity Service From EEDC In SOUTH EAST Else Eviction Is Imminent February 19, 2024 | EASTERN PILOT Report By: Biafr...

IPOB Demands Better Electricity Service From EEDC In SOUTH EAST Else Eviction Is Imminent

February 19, 2024 | EASTERN PILOT

Report By: Biafra FirstSon |


The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great and indefatigable liberator Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu condemn the non-supply of light and outrageous electricity billing from Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) in the South East Region. It is wicked for EEDC and its owner Sir Emeka Offor to keep  increasing the electricity bill without providing electricity to the people. If EEDC can't provide light or stop extortion in their billing system, it should be kicked out of the South East Region permanently and replaced.

We don't see where an electricity distribution company will not provide light, yet keep increasing electric bills every month.  Other electricity distribution companies in other regions of Nigeria are providing more reliable electricity, unlike EEDC. Sir Emeka Offor, the owner of EEDC, is part of the Nigerian oppression cabal who are bent on starving the southeast region of investments. Emeka Offor and his electricity company are bent on starving the South Eastern region of electricity at the same time empoverishing Ndigbo by outrageous electricity bills. EEDC is not keeping the light on, yet they keep increasing the bill for the people monthly. Ndigbo are paying for the light they are not consuming. The wicked electricity billing or extortion and non supply of electricity in the South East should no longer be acceptable.

South East Governors should be serious in providing good services and a conducive investment environment in our regions for our people to continue  to invest and grow their busineses. Governors should take advantage of the recent electricity reform by the federal government of Nigeria and kick EEDC out of every state. The electricity reform has given each state power to generate and distribute electricity. South East Governors are free by law to bring more reliable electricity companies to come and invest and provide quality, reliable, and affordable electricity to Ndigbo.  By now, one would have expected that the South East Governors would have summoned Emeka Offor and his EEDC over the abysmal supply of light and outrageous billing. We are aware that Emeka Offor helped rig some of them into offices, but they should be alive to their responsibilities. Particularly now that the economic  situation in Nigeria is biting so hard on everyone, Governors should ensure that they reduce the suffering of Ndigbo that includes provision of reliable and affordable electricity.

The South East Governors should not be insensitive to the plight of Ndigbo, mostly at the current hash economic situation in Nigeria. Our governors are not providing food palliative, n electricity expense relief,  free education, or educational support when other governors are doing these things for their people. If the governors refuse to stand up and do the right thing, we would mobilize people to protest against them and Emeka Offor for not providing electricity in the region. We are facing too much heat from increased temperatures without electricity in the land, and EEDC is collecting illegal money without providing electricity.

Biafran Governors must cushion the effects of the battered economy that the APC governments have created and forced on Ndigbo.

We expect the South Eastern Governors to kick this EEDC out of our region if they continue with non provision of electricity and extortion in the form of exuberant electric bills.


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