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IPOB Debunks Claim Of Attacking Okigwe Correctional Center, Points Finger At Police Command

IPOB Debunks Claim Of Attacking Okigwe Correctional Center, Points Finger At Police Command  IPOB PRESS RELEASE  February 14, 2024 | EASTERN...

IPOB Debunks Claim Of Attacking Okigwe Correctional Center, Points Finger At Police Command 


February 14, 2024 | EASTERN PILOT 

The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great prophet and liberator, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu condemn the atrocious activity of Nigeria police at Okigwe Correctional farm centers and we also debunks the fallacious and fabricated media blackmail from the Nigerian Police, Imo Command accusing IPOB/ESN operatives as behind the attack at the Correctional facility in Okigwe Imo State. IPOB/ESN was never responsible for the attack on the facility or any attack at Okigwe Imo State.

It is pathetic on the side of the Imo State Police Command, who is most of the time in bed with the rampaging criminals in Imo State. Imo State Police is aware of those behind the alleged attacks at Okigwe Correctional Center, but because there is an agenda to blackmail IPOB/ESN, they had to pin the attack on IPOB.  If Nigeria Police has the ability to pin attacks on IPOB and ESN within minutes of something happening without investigation, why do we still have cases of unresolved high profile killings in Nigeria? 

We want the public to understand that the Nigerian Government and her murderous Nigeria Police would have masterminded the alleged attacks at the Okigwe Correctional Center just to blackmail IPOB/ESN or to free some of the arrested criminal infiltrators that may expose their conspiracy against IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Just as the same, Imo State Police Command masterminded the Owerri Correctional facility attack in 2021 and blamed it on IPOB then. To date, no investigation report has been published on that attack. 

Similarly, the Nigerian military masterminded the attack of Abuja Suleja prison in 2022 in what can be referred to as a successful covert prison swap between Nigeria Army and Boko Haram terrorists. In all the so-called prison breaks that took place in Nigeria between 2021 and 2023, the Nigerian Police never produced any forensic investigation report? The reason is that the Nigeria government and her security forces are accomplices to almost all the jail breaks in the contraption called Nigeria. In order to cover their covert operations with their recruited double agent in Finland and his criminal gangs, Nigeria Police has to rush to the media to pin any attack including the one at Okigwe Correctional Center on IPOB/ESN without any investigation or evidence. The Nigerian government and their double agents are colluding to shop for evidence to charge our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in their ongoing kangaroo court trial. 

Let Nigerians not be deceived. No armed group can successfully carry out prison attacks and free only seven

(7) inmates and prisoners without the collaboration of the government and her security agencies. They have selected those they wanted to free. Owerri and Suleja Correctional facilities are fortified security areas that are impossible to carry a successful jail break at without powerful security resistance. But the two prisons were attacked very smoothly and successfully without resistance. This latest alleged Okigwe prison attack and the successful release of seven (7) prisoners are surely masterminded by the Nigeria Police. The public should not be fooled. The  latest attack could either be one of the media blackmailing of IPOB/ESN or Mazi Nnamdi Kanu or both, but that is dead on arrival. They may have carried out this break to free some arrested criminals and accomplices that may have the potential to blow up the government's covert operations.

Whatever the case may be, IPOB, ESN, and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have nothing to do with it.

The double agent operating as IPOB member, with his criminal gangs operating in Okigwe communities in collision and clash with the Nigeria military has made the innocent villagers of Umulolo, Ihube, Azu and Arondizuogu to desert their communities because of military invasions of those communities. Both the agent provocateurs and the Nigeria military have destroyed many homes of people in Okigwe, thereby worsening the security situation in Okigwe and towns around it. Unfortunately, the Nigeria media, by either  omission or commission, have refused to report the atrocities the DSS recruited criminal gangs called Biafra Liberation Army under their agent and their collaborators in Nigeria Army have done. It is the same situation that they have created at Orsumoghu, Uli, ihiala, Ihitenansa, and other communities in  LGAs of Imo State and Anambra state.

IPOB is a responsible and peaceful freedom fighting movement and only focuses on the restoration of Biafra. ESN Operatives are after marauding Fulani kidnappers and terrorists in our bushes and forests. 

IPOB/ESN Operatives have never attacked  any correctional facility or anybody in Okigwe LGA. ESN Operatives do not engage Nigeria Security Forces nor attack any public infrastructures. Any time IPOB decides to invoke violence and arm struggle into our current project, the world will hear it from us first. By then, all these cheap blackmail will no longer matter because we shall take responsibility for our actions. Therefore, the Nigeria Government and her fantastically corrupt Security Agencies should stop their useless and baseless blackmail which has yielded no results in many years for them. 


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