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The Strategy To Remove Tinubu From Power in 2027 Could Impact Nigeria’s Unity Initiative

The Strategy To Remove Tinubu From Power in 2027 Could Impact Nigeria’s Unity Initiativ June 28, 2024. EASTERN PILOT  Reporter: Biafra First...

The Strategy To Remove Tinubu From Power in 2027 Could Impact Nigeria’s Unity Initiativ

June 28, 2024.

EASTERN PILOT Reporter: Biafra FirstSon 

Why President must intervene in Kano royal tussle, by Arewa group

Northern leaders should do away with their plan to remove President Bola Tinubu from office in the 2027 Presidential elections, as such a move will negatively affect the unity of Nigeria, says Shehu Sani, who represented Kaduna Central in the Senate from 2015 to 2019.

This was as the Arewa Community in Southern Nigeria called on the President to intervene in the Kano royal tussle to save the traditional institution from further ridicule and to prepare a soft landing for his re-election in 2027.

Sani, in an interview with Arise News, yesterday, also advised Northern leaders to, instead of trying to gain more political power, plug into the policies and programs of the Tinubu administration that would benefit the North, which had been grappling with insecurity and poverty, among other problems.

On the alleged plot by Northern leaders to unseat Tinubu in 2027, Sani said: “There is evidence of rallying of forces, regrouping of political forces from the North trying to use former President Muhammadu Buhari as a rallying point to evict the government of Tinubu.

“They hope to portray the government as one that has been undermining the North and not living up to its campaign promises to the region, where he got the majority of his votes. I must warn you that attempts to do that can create a serious problem for our country.

“Buhari was in power for eight years, and no serious Southerner challenged his own government in terms of trying to remove him from office. Second, we should know that before we think of power, we should think of the whole country.

“We should be thinking of a united and peaceful country. Nigeria is still a fragile nation. What will happen if Southern politicians decide to also nurse the idea of uniting themselves and making a position that this is their stand? There will be no Nigeria.”

He also stressed the need for the Tinubu administration to go ahead with restructuring, a systemic opportunity for Nigerians to address the problems of underdevelopment and for the North to “come back home and see what it can do with its resources to address the problem it is facing for more than a decade or two.”

CHAIRMAN of the Arewa community, Musa Saidu, called for Tinubu’s intervention in the Kano crisis, yesterday, in Abuja. He alleged that the entire crisis was orchestrated by politicians for their selfish end, not minding the colossal damage to the revered Kano Emirate.

According to him, the crisis will neither benefit the collective interest of the Kano people nor add value to the traditional institution.  “Kano is a political nerve of the country and Tinubu needs the state for his second term in 2027, as such, he should not allow the royal tussle to degenerate,” he said.

Saidu said the impasse over the Kano Emirate stool was a huge embarrassment to not only the state but the country as a whole. 

He stated: “It is a huge disrespect to law and order as well as the traditional institution. The frequent dethronement of Emirs in the North by politicians within the last three decades is a symptom of the collapse of our cultural and traditional society.”

The Arewa leader described Tinubu’s silence on the matter as “worrisome and wrong”.

Meanwhile, Saidu supported the ongoing investigation of the former governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai.

He described the action of the Kaduna House of Assembly as worthy of emulation by other lawmakers, adding that democracy cannot flourish under corruption.


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