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IPOB Berates Gov Mba Over Purported Plans To Destroy IPOB In Enugu, Calls It Effort In Futility

IPOB Berates Gov Mba Over Purported Plans To Destroy IPOB In Enugu, Calls It Effort In Futility  IPOB PRESS RELEASE   April 1, 2024 | EASTER...

IPOB Berates Gov Mba Over Purported Plans To Destroy IPOB In Enugu, Calls It Effort In Futility 


April 1, 2024 | EASTERN PILOT 

The attention of the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great and amiable leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been drawn to the plan of the Nigeria selected Governor of Enugu State, Dr Peter Mba to destroy IPOB in that state. It is unfortunate that Peter Mba wants to tread the path of shame and destruction, which he has seen backfire on others who have tried. Dr Mba mentioned 8 none IPOB members whom he wrongly linked to IPOB they are Mazi Sunday Obodo, Mazi Destiny Okoye, Mazi Chukwura Okey, Mazi Emeka Onu, Mazi Friday Egwu, Mazi Orji Ndu, Mazi Stephen Madu and Mazi Buchi  Eze. For clearity and record purpose these Peter Mba linked to IPOB are not IPOB members and the movement never seen these Peter Mba thugs as IPOB members, so Peter Mba you must stop mentioning them as IPOB members IPOB doesn't engage criminals. 

IPOB is working hard to provide security and direction that many Southeastern Governors have refused or failed to provide. While their counterparts in the Northern territory are being funded and protected by the Nigeria government, Southeastern Governors are conspiring to destroy IPOB, who is their last line of defense in Biafra Land. Some Governors in the southeast are under pressure from the Fulani Caliphate in the  Nigeria government to destroy IPOB to pave the way for their foot soldiers, the murderous Fulani jihadist herdsmen terrorists to invade Alaigbo. Peter Mba we are waiting for you and your government. 

We assure them that no governor can stop or destroy IPOB. In the process of stopping IPOB, the compromised governors can only create more insecurity in their states that will eventually destroy them and their careers. We are calling the citizens of Enugu State to call their Fulani selected Governor, Peter Mba, to order. In the desperation to honor his agreement with the Fulani Nationalists, Governor Peter Mba will destroy Enugu State. Dr. Peter Mba wants to join Hope Uzodinma and other Northern Governors who enrich themselves from insecurity by collecting more money from security votes. These people mentioned above as IPOB in 2012 the time IPOB was a child of 2 years will destroy Peter Mba and his government in Enugu State. 

IPOB did not call for protest in any part of the Southeast. Nevertheless, whether rumors of protest or not, IPOB won't succumb to any blackmail or threat. IPOB is focused on the restoration of Biafra Independence as a sovereign nation and is not against or after any governor and we are not interested in their political blackmail and propaganda. But any government that is against IPOB, we shall be against it. Since they selected Peter Mba as governor of Enugu State last year and he has been working round to fight and destroy IPOB which is not possible but ask your fellow Fulani puppet in Imo State how market he bought what he cannot cook. 
The only beef Dr. Peter Mba has with IPOB is our stand against Fulani ranch establishment in Enugu State. IPOB maintains our "no" stance on Fulani ranches, and there is nothing Peter Mba can do to placate IPOB to establish Fulani ranch (RUGA settlement) in Enugu State. 

While IPOB is countering the influx of Fulani militias into Enugu Communities, Peter Mba is encouraging Fulani herdsmen to take over some communities. But irrespective of the evil agreement that Peter Mba has with his Fulani Masters, IPOB will never allow Fulani to occupy any inch of land in Biafra Land. We challenge Peter Mba to start planned attacks on IPOB members in Enugu and face the consequences. Your fellow Fulani puppet in Imo State should tell you of the outcome of his choice to fight IPOB with Ebubeagu militia and Nigerian security agencies. IPOB will be waiting for Dr. Peter Mba to unleash his newly recruited security outfit. "He who fetches an ant infested firewood will definitely have lizards as guests."


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