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Unpardonable Sins Of Hope Uzodinma's Reign - IPOB

                     Unpardonable Sins Of Hope Uzodinma's Reign - IPOB NOVEMBER 06, 2023 | EASTERN PILOT Report By:  Biafra FirstSon | I...

                    Unpardonable Sins Of Hope Uzodinma's Reign - IPOB


Report By:  Biafra FirstSon |


The Supreme Court Governor in Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, is a serious threat to the security and peaceful coexistence among Ndigbo. Hope Uzodinma and his gang of criminals in Ikonso House (Douglas House), the government in Abuja, and the state government in Imo State have committed unpardonable sins that even his generations will inherit. IPOB has taken it upon ourselves to highlight to the public particularly Ndimo, the unpardonable sins of Hope Uzodinma in Imo State and beyond.

1. Hope Uzodinma agreed with the former Fulani government of Nigeria to establish RUGA in many communities in Imo State as is today in the Umutanze community. That community is no longer safe because Hope Uzodinma gave it to Fulani as compensation for making him the governor after Ndimo rejected this fraudster at the polls. His agreement was aborted by the launch of ESN by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. ESN frustrated the Fulanization agenda of Alaigbo by Hope Uzodinma and the Fulani government of Nigeria. That was the main beef or bone of contention that this Imo vampire had with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.


2. To destroy IPOB, Hope Uzodinma has used both the Nigeria Security Forces and other non-state actors like Asari Dokubo to kill many Igbo people in Igboland in Imo State. He has turned the Orlu zone in Imo State into a war zone where human lives no longer matter. Innocent citizens' blood has been wasted, and properties worth billions of Naira destroyed by Uzodinma's murderous gunmen called Ebubeagu militia. Lately, he has turned his murderous gunmen toward Okigwe Province.  So many communities in Okigwe have also turned into ghost towns because of Hope Uzodinma's killer gang.  Thanks to brave men in Mbaise who resisted Uzodinma's plot to turn loose his murderous militias to some communities in Mbaise as well. He also began using intimidation to turn  Owerri Province into another calamitous zone in Imo state.

Today, Orlu and Okigwe are unsafe and deserted. If we allow such a person for another four years, what shall be the fate of Ndimo and Ndigbo living in Imo State?

3. Hope Uzodinma played a major role in the kidnap, extraordinary rendition, and continuous illegal detention of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the DSS solitary confinement facility at Abuja. He was among the traitors who mobilized and paid about 9 million dollars to Kenya Agents, who kidnapped Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to be killed. It was after the attempted killing of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu failed that they agreed to an extraordinary rendition of him from Kenya to Nigeria and used judicial technicalities to keep him in illegal detention until today.

4. Hope Uzodinma sabotaged the efforts of Southeast leaders, and elders to ensure that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is released in line with the orders of the Appeal Court, especially when late professor George Obiozor and elder Pa Amaechi Mbazuruike and some leaders living in America including some traditional rulers went to Aso Rock to demand for Mazi Nnamdi KANU to be freed and handed over to them. He frustrated them.

He spent billions of Naira of Imo State money to bribe the Abuja decision makers not to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu until he rigged himself back into office. We are aware of his antics and games to kill Mazi Nnamdi KANU.

5. Hope Uzodinma was a stooge for the past Fulani Government masquerading with the name of Late Mohammed Buhari. That's why the Fulanized Supreme Court illegally promoted him from 4th position to 1st position by overturning the mandate of Ndimo. The "Ghana must go" judgment of the Supreme Court in favor of Hope Uzodinma destroyed the hallowed Supreme Court credibility. After that wicked judgment, the Supreme Court of Nigeria has not recovered from the nemesis of overturning the mandate of Imo citizens in favor of a killer.

6. It is already in public that the Supreme Court Governor has never allowed opposition parties to freely campaign in Imo State for the coming election. He has intimidated opposition parties and their supporters. This Hopeless Uzodinjo spent over N5 billion of Imo State money in reserving all the hotels in Owerri metropolitan city. The reason is to have unfiltered influence on the electoral officials and election observers. Also, to ensure that other political opponents and their supporters don't have a place to stay. Therefore, IPOB is warning the hotel owners to reject this offer or be ready to face the consequences.

Our intelligence unit uncovered that he is coming to use hotel rooms in Owerri, Imo State, to station riggers from every ward in the state to rig him into office for the second term. Hope Uzodinma, go home! You have killed enough in the East, Uzodinma. Are you not tired of murdering your people? IPOB pity any hotel owner who will allow that to happen in his or her hotel. That person must leave Imo State because we will pursue them until they enter the ground. After all, Imo State can't afford to suffer what they suffered in the last four years with Hope Uzodinma's political games and strategies anymore.

Hope Uzodinma is not only a killer, a Fulani agent, and a treasury looter but a security threat to Alaigbo.

Dear Imo people, please "shine your eyes." Don't vote for the vampire either because of monetary inducement or threat of violence. We understand that Nigeria elections are fraud and do not reflect the will of the people. INEC and her officials in Nigeria are a bunch of unrepentant criminals. If Hope Uzodinma can't succeed in bribing corrupt INEC officials to jettison the electronic transmission of results through BIVAS, he will use Nigerian security men and cultists to intimidate voters to aid in rigging the election.

Nevertheless, if you must vote, ensure your vote is counted at your ward level.  We trust Ndimo will reject the Imo vampire for killing our people and turning the hitherto most peaceful state in Nigeria into one of the most militarized and unsafe states. We don't believe in the integrity of elections in the damnable Zoological Republic of Nigeria. Nevertheless, IPOB will do whatever we can to safeguard our people in Imo State and beyond. Imo State sons and daughters must monitor all hotel and INEC officials drafted to various local governments in the state and report to IPOB.

As for Hope Uzodinma, he must remember that posterity will judge him, and his family including those supporting him to terrorize Ndigbo, particularly Ndimo. They must reap the rewards of your unpardonable sins.


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