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MR. Abdul Rashid Yerima Should Focus On The Terrorists-Ravaged North And Leave The Peaceful Southeast Alone - IPOB

 MR. Abdul Rashid Yerima Should Focus On The Terrorists-Ravaged North And Leave The Peaceful Southeast Alone - IPOB OCTOBER 17, 2023 | EAS...

 MR. Abdul Rashid Yerima Should Focus On The Terrorists-Ravaged North And Leave The Peaceful Southeast Alone - IPOB


Press Release By: Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB)

It is pathetic that Alaigbo which has won global records several times as the most peaceful place in Nigeria by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has been turned into an unsafe place by some State actors and non-state actors under the sponsorship of the Federal Government of Nigeria just to blackmail the IPOB movement for seeking Biafra Independence. The state-sponsored insecurity has given Boko Haram sponsors and sympathizers the latitude to point fingers at the Southeast as an unsafe region while ignoring their Northeast, Northwest, and Northcentral regions that are ravaged by terrorists and bandits.              

The insecurity in the Southeast is Nigeria's State-sponsored to blackmail IPOB. It will be callous and treacherous for Hon. Benjamin Kalu, the NASS Deputy Speaker to link IPOB to the infamous sit-at-homes and violence in the Southeast while ignoring the government's double agent who lives in Finland. Hon. Kalu should know better and stop politicking with IPOB. For a supposedly informed Igbo man to join Ndigbo's enemies in Northern Nigeria to blackmail IPOB is pitiful.

As for Mr. Abdulrashid Yerima, who joined in blackmailing IPOB, he should be asked how many times he has condemned his bandits and terrorist brothers ravaging the northern parts of Nigeria.

Has Mr. Yerima traveled to his village without paying ransom or settling bandits and terrorists controlling his region? What gave him the temerity to talk about insecurity in the Southeast region? Mr. Abdulrashid Yerima is a tribal bigot who is speaking out of hatred against Ndigbo and the IPOB agenda. He and his political and tribal colluders can not claim ignorance that IPOB has consistently disassociated ourselves from the criminal activities and violence including the infamous sit-at-homes in the East. Nigeria DSS can't also claim that they don't know those behind the insecurity in the East at last. According to their latest press statement, DSS has exonerated IPOB from all the mischief that the agent provocateurs have been causing in Biafra and using the IPOB name and its leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU. The sponsored perpetrators are no longer hiding their activities. Their activities are now known in the open for the whole world to see. Why is the Nigerian government, some politicians, and the media in Nigeria mute on the perpetrators but keep linking their violent activities to IPOB? All efforts to blackmail IPOB with sponsored insecurity in Biafra Land have been defeated by IPOB.

The Nigerian Government has paid the media to remain mute on the terrorist abduction of school children and university students and killings of civilians going daily in the North while focusing all their attention on their sponsored insecurity in the Southeast by their Federal Government of Nigeria. The Federal(Fulani) government of Nigeria Under the Islamic jihadists has in the past eight (8) years failed woefully to use brutal force to suppress IPOB's peaceful agitation while negotiating and indirectly funding Boko Haram, ISWAP, Ansaru terrorists, and Fulani bandits. Any individual or group that is blackmailing IPOB is playing the script of the Nigerian government.

The Fulani, Igbo, and Yoruba cabals who are the beneficiaries of the insecurities and crimes going on in the East should allow the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi KANU if they are genuinely interested in peace to return to Biafra Land.

The terrorists who have been ravaging the Northeast Region for over 20 years are mainly from the Kanuri tribe yet the Nigeria Government and its Security Agencies have never retaliated and burnt down Kanuri people's homes or destroyed their livelihood. But within the two years that the Nigeria Government kidnapped Mazi Nnamdi KANU and sponsored pockets of criminality in the Southeast, their murderous Security Forces have used that opportunity to kill many innocent Igbo youths, burnt many villages in the Southeast Region, and destroy the livelihood of many Igbo people's lives across Igboland. The violent activities of a few sponsored criminals are tagged on all Ndigbo, and the entire Ndigbo is being punished severely according to the Nigerian government's plan.

We warn Mr. Abdul Rashid Yerima about his unguarded utterances against IPOB and instead to focus his energy on curbing the activities of bandits and Boko Haram terrorists that are controlling the Northern Regions of Nigeria.

Since the beginning of Boko Haram and bandit terrorist activities in the North Mr. Yerima has not publicly condemned them but dares to speak against IPOB as being responsible for insecurity in the East. He and his cohorts must understand that IPOB is not joking with our quest for Biafra Independence. IPOB can not halt our match for the unconditional release of Mazi Nnamdi KANU or the restoration of Biafra because of political expediency, ethnic bigotry, and ethnic cleansing, or their other tactics of evil profiling of Biafrans, particularly Ndigbo.

Biafra freedom is what we want and what we must get.

The sponsors and purveyors of insecurity, violence, abductions, and killings of Biafrans want to provoke us into unprepared war to allow Nigeria Security Forces to slaughter our mothers, fathers, and our little children in another genocidal war, but we are wiser, and we shall beat them in their own game. In the end, Biafra shall be restored.


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