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IPOB Demand For Immediate End To Hope Uzodinma's Criminals & Nigeria Military Raid Of Okigwe Communities In Imo State

  IPOB Demand For Immediate End To Hope Uzodinma's Criminals & Nigeria Military Raid Of Okigwe Communities In Imo State   EASTERN ...


IPOB Demand For Immediate End To Hope Uzodinma's Criminals & Nigeria Military Raid Of Okigwe Communities In Imo State

 EASTERN PILOT| October 10, 2023


Why does the Nigerian military continuously bomb peaceful communities in Okigwe communities and Orlu communities of Imo State? Why has the Supreme Court Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, Chief Tony Chukwu, and their other partners in crime colluded with the Nigerian military to bomb, and kill citizens and destroy citizen's homes and properties? The whole of the camps and pursued its operatives are now ESN members or IPOB volunteers.

We, the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) condemn the barbaric bombing of the civilian population in any part of Biafra Land by the Nigeria Military in the disguise of targeting criminals and unknown gunmen. When did the unknown gunmen start living with the peaceful citizens that warranted Tony Chukwu and the supreme court administrator of Imo State to label the peaceful citizens in their communities as unknown gunmen? This is all because they want to rig HOPE into power again.

Tony Chukwu was cowed into killing his people. Tony Chukwu is a criminal who has no business except living in somebody else's success.

Governor Hope Uzodinma and Tony Chukwu mastermind the attacks killings and burning of communities and properties going on in Imo State to have a reason to militarize the Imo State. This is a political vote-rigging agenda ahead of the November gubernatorial or governorship election in the state. Brutal military and Police officers have been deployed in Imo State to threaten and possibly assassinate political enemies, brutalize civilians, and put fear in the minds of Imo citizens so that they can create a conducive opportunity to rig him into power again in that State. Other governorship candidates in other parties must be careful because Hope's gang has perfected every arrangement to attack them and tag them on the unknown gunmen. Tony Chukwu will mobilize those who will do the dirty job.

Unfortunately, the likes of Tony Chukwu joined the vampire in Imo State to invite the terrorists Army of Nigeria to murder and destroy the homes of innocent people for another 4 years of political suppression and treasury looting. Sadly, political idiots who are supposed to develop their States invite the unfriendly, ethnically biased military to destroy the homes and properties of their citizens. Only a fool uses his enemy as a watchman. There will be a day of reckoning for the criminal politicians who, in one way or the other, have contributed to the killing of Biafrans.

The Islamic APC Government of Nigeria used the Fulani Supreme Court to force Hope Uzodinma on Ndigbo against all the provisions of the electoral laws. It has never happened in an election or even a mathematical equation that someone who came 4th in position is promoted to 1st position ahead of 2nd and 3rd persons. Here in Nigeria, anything is possible in the worst corrupt political system in the world. That is why those expecting any action from the certificates and rubber stamp members of the National Assembly on the certificate forgery president will be disappointed. Fulani spy governor in Imo State has turned hitherto peaceful Alaigbo into a theatre of war and disunity. That's exactly the mission he was sent to accomplish, and he is doing it well with the support of some political and business criminals.

Hope Uzodinma and the Nigerian government are using the Nigerian military to destroy peaceful communities in Okigwe province. Many villages are now deserted because of constant raids by the Nigerian military and Air Force bombardment in the name of searching for criminals. Is Biafra land under the state of war that the Nigerian Air Force is bombing communities? The soldiers cannot face their counterparts in Africa and the world. Why are Nigeria's military and Police killing innocent people and burning the homes of innocent villagers instead of going after the armed criminals? Does it mean that the Nigerian Army does not have surveillance and intelligence abilities to identify criminal camps, or were they just playing political and ethnic cards of the APC-led Federal Government? I Hope Uzodinma has destroyed Orlu Zone.

Now, he has focused on turning the Okigwe Zone into another war zone.  Possibly, he will turn Owerri Zone into a war zone after using murderous Security Forces to rig himself into power for the second tenure. Hope Uzodinma is a plague and blood-sucker sent to destroy Ndigbo. But we ask God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama what did we wrong that He decided to give us this selfish opportunist called Hope Uzodinma.

The blood of Ndigbo should not be wasted for political gains. Even if Hope Uzodinma kills and destroys to have his way for the second tenure, he will continue to face rejection among Ndigbo. Hope Uzodinma and his co-political bandits should understand that there will be a day of reckoning. No wicked person shall go unpunished, and a killer must be killed. That is the natural law from the Bible. The day the book of reckoning shall be opened, those who killed by the sword shall die by the sword.



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