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Breaking Report: More Than 78,000 Nigerians Killed In 10 Years, Says Report

  JUNE 21 , 2023 | EASTERN PILOT Report By: Gift Habib | No fewer than 78,148 Nigerians were killed across the country in the last 10 years,...



Report By: Gift Habib |

No fewer than 78,148 Nigerians were killed across the country in the last 10 years, Sunday PUNCH learnt. A yearly breakdown of the killings according to a 2023 Nigeria Security Report by Beacon Consulting; a security risk management and intelligence consulting company, revealed that 11,389 Nigerians were killed in 2014; 11,119 in 2015; 4,896 in 2016; 4,949 in 2017; 6,162 in 2018; 5,948 in 2019; 8,459 in 2020; 10,887 in 2021; 10,754 in 2022; and 3,585 in 2023. Of the figure, 16,644 Nigerians were killed by terrorism; 8,475 Nigerians by the Nigeria army/banditry; 1,897 by the fulani terrorists herders; and 1,410 Nigerians by social upheaval.

The report also revealed that in the eight years of former President Muhammadu Buhari, budgetary spending on security increased from #900bn to #2.3tn. It added that the increased budgetary allocation resulted in an enhanced equipment repository for armed forces and other security agencies as well as the recruitment of personnel,recruitment of repentant boko haram terrorists, and improved training. The report added, “The above achievements were not successful in reducing the fatalities and abductions caused by the several threat elements within the Nigerian security eco-space. In 2022, over 11,000 Nigerians died as a result of these security dynamics.”

The CEO, Beacon Consulting, Dr Kabir Adamu, advised that the interface between the various determinants and the causative elements for the fatalities should provide the new administration with a basis for putting forward a more effective and efficient approach to addressing insecurity in the country. Adamu said, “To achieve this, the new administration’s seven-point agenda as listed in its ‘Renewed Hope’ manifesto will have to be expanded to include a review of the national security structure, which is currently convoluted and does not allow coordination, collaboration and cooperation among the various security ministries, departments and agencies.” He said the new administration should ensure the appointment of professionals in the key offices of the NSA and the Ministries of Defence and Interior, while ensuring that the various policing agencies were harmonised with the Ministry of Interior to ensure improved coordination.

675 killed, 168 abducted in May, 2023 alone – Report

No fewer than 675 Nigerians were killed while there were  168 cases of abductions across the country in May. 2023. This is according to the 2023 Nigeria Security Report by an Abuja-based security outfit, Beacon Intel. According to the report, obtained by our correspondent on Thursday, the killings occured in 31 states and the Federal Capital Territory while abductions took place in 18 states. The report stated that 185 Nigerians were killed via ambush; 173 killed by crossfire; 173 died during raids while 99 Nigerians were killed by unknown factors. It also revealed that 34 persons were killed in individual attacks, while 11 Nigerians died in detention.

A breakdown of the recorded fatalities showed that 38.7 per cent occurred in the North Central (261 fatalities); 23.9 per cent  in the North-East (161 fatalities); 15.6 per cent in theNorth-West (105 fatalities); 7.1 per cent in the South-West (fatalities 48); 5.2 per cent in the South-East (fatalities 35); and 9.6 per cent in the South-South (65 fatalities). The document revealed that the top three states with the highest fatalities were Plateau with 126 fatalities; Borno with 123; and Benue with 51 fatalities. Furthermore, the report revealed that in May 68 cases of abduction took place in  North-West; 20 in the  South-South, six in the South-West and five in the South-East.

The Chief Executive Officer, Beacon Intel, and a security expert, Kabir Adamu, advised that “For government efforts to decrease the ability of non-state actors to challenge the supremacy of the use of force by the state to be sustainable, the Federal and State Governments need to strengthen collaboration for enhanced administration of criminal justice and the restoration of social order by addressing the root causes of these challenges including socio-economic grievances, unemployment and the effects of climate change, as well as the proliferation of small arms and light weapons. “The Federal and State Governments need to collaborate in dominating the forested and other ungoverned spaces, which the bandits use as safe havens and to keep their victims.”


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