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Disagree With Fulani Led Government Of Nigeria's Evil Agenda And Be Tagged Terrorist-IPOB

  January 12, 2023, | EASTERN PILOT IPOB PRESS RELEASE As soon as you disagree or question the evil agenda of this dangerous and cluel...


January 12, 2023, | EASTERN PILOT


As soon as you disagree or question the evil agenda of this dangerous and clueless Fulani Government of Nigeria, you will be demonized, blackmailed, and finally tagged a terrorist so the Agendists can eliminate or detain you in one of their underground dungeons indefinitely. 

 The events of the past few weeks concerning the spurious charges and unfounded allegations against the CBN Governor and INEC Chairman is the clearest indication that this Agendists Fulani Government of APC has perfected the art of targeting any person, group of persons, or institution that are against their evil agenda.

As the saying goes, what goes around, comes around. The Nigerian Government is now applying the same strategy they used against the IPOB family on other Nigerians whom they simply view as a stumbling block to the Agendists plans. When this Government started its attack and murdering of innocent IPOB men and women on peaceful rallies, abducting Biafran’s, and disappearing them, extra judicially executing IPOB members, illegally prescribing an unarmed Self Determination movement as a terrorist group, invaded our Leader's house and killing over 28 IPOB members, went to Kenya abducted our Leader, and rendition him to Nigeria it did not occur to Nigerians that something very sinister and dangerous was brewing. In all these injustices against peaceful IPOB, Nigerians were silent because in their thought these Biafran’s should be dealt with now the Fulani are coming for you so-called good Nigerians as well. 

Today, they are using the same approach to hunt for those with differences that do not subscribe to their evil Fulanization plan and their corrupt and clueless policies. Even government appointees are not left out. The evil agenda of this APC government will go around unless men and women of conscience arise and stop them.

This government has been releasing the arrested terrorists and giving them VIP treatment, but using the terrorist label to blackmail anyone or any group that is not in agreement with their evil agenda.

If not for the timely intervention of a few conscionable and incorruptible judges, today the CBN Governor, Emefiele, and INEC Chairman, Yakubu would have been tagged corrupt and terrorists. They would have been detained and replaced with Fulani moles that would support their Fulanization agenda.

The Abuja Appeal Court Judges who were courageous enough to stop the persecution of Mazi Nnamdi KANU by discharging him were victimized and illegally transferred. The victimization of the Abuja Court of Apple Judges has put fear in other Judges, including some in the Nigerian Supreme Court. 

However, we hope that the Supreme Court Judges will be courageous enough to dispense justice in the case of MNK that is before them. The International Community is keenly watching the Supreme Court of Nigeria if they will legitimize extraordinary rendition, which is an international crime, or if they will be bold enough to checkmate the excesses of this government.

The only condition required to become a terrorist in Nigeria is for anyone to disagree with the present Fulani government of Nigeria.


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