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Rights Violation: Nigerian Inspector General Of Police Ordered To Pay N50 Million Compensation, Tender Public Apology To IPOB Member

DECEMBER 20 , 2022 | EASTERN PILOT Report By:  Umuchiukwu Writers | Abuja Federal High Court Orders IGP to Unconditionally Release An Illega...


Report By:  Umuchiukwu Writers |

Abuja Federal High Court Orders IGP to Unconditionally Release An Illegally Detained IPOB family member awards him a N50  Million Compensation. The Honourable Justice Zainab Bage Abubakar's Federal High Court sitting in Abuja have on 13th December, 2022, ordered the Nigerian Inspector General Of Police(IGP) to unconditionally release Mazi Solomon Onyegbule from police custody, forthwith. As stated in the Judgement papers, Justice Abubakar says the Court made the order on the basis that the applicant, Mazi Solomon Onyegbule has established his case regarding the earlier prayers he(Mazi Solomon Onyegbula) made to the Honorable Court.
Recall that Mazi Solomon Onyegbule was illegally abducted by the notorious Abba Kyari's led Federal Anti-Robbery Squad(F-SARS) on the 8th of March, 2021. Upon abduction, the notorious Abba Kyari's F-SARS team did not charge Mazi Solomon to court for trial, but agonisingly locked him at the Intelligence Response Team(IRT)'s detention facility in Abattoir, Abuja(A Nigeria Government's Slaughter House). As a result, no one has ever seen Mazi Solomon since his Abduction, as to ascertain his state.

Let it be noted here that according to available verified informations, Mazi Solomon Onyegbule has committed no crime known to humanity. He was abducted basically for agititation for self determination through referendum and also a supporter of the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB). On this note, the IPOB legal team originated a motion on behalf of Mazi Solomon on 7th February, 2022, and the motion was equally filed on the same date. In the motion, Mazi Solomon Onyegbula prayered the Honorable Court to grant him the deserving relief of declaring that his arrest and detention(without trial) since 8 March, 2021, till the application date, by the IGP's police, is illegal, unlawful, oppressive and unconstitutional. Mazi Solomon also requested of the court to order for his unconditional release and compensation, seeing he is innocent.

Therefore, the court required the Police(respondent) to evidently counter the claims of Mazi Solomon Onyegbule, but the Police could not, until the 13th of December, 2022. So, the Honourable Court, in view of the foreging, held that the applicant(Solomon Onyegbule) has established the infringement on his fundamental rights, as he alleged. The court also states that the respondent(IGP) has failed, neglected or refused to file any counter affidavit to dispute the facts contained in Mazi Solomon's affidavit. The Police as well, has failed to provide any justification of the breach of Mazi Solomon's fundamental rights.

Consequently, the Court Ordered the IGP to unconditionally release Mazi Solomon Onyegbule, and compensate him with the sum of Fifty Million Naira(N50 Million). The court also went forward to order that the Police must make a public apology to Mazi Solomon for the unlawful arrest, illegal and continued detention, injuries suffered as a result of torture, inhuman and degrading treatments meted on him by the Police.

According to Barr, Ifeanyi Ejiofor the lawyer representing the indigenous people of Biafra


A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja per  Hon. Justice Z.B. Abubakar, has ordered for the unconditional release of Mazi Solomon Onyegbule. While delivering judgment in Suit No: FHC/ABJ/CS/137/2022, we had filed on behalf of Solomon Onyegbule, the Court directed the Inspector General of Police to unconditionally release Mazi Onyegbule from their custody forthwith.

The Court further awarded the sum of 50 Million Naira Only in favour of Solomon Onyegbule as compensatory and examplary damages. The court also ordered the Inspector General of Police to tender a public apology to Mazi Solomon in one national newspaper. We shall keep doing everything within our powers to ensure that Umuchineke unlawfully detained in various facilities of the security agencies across the country, are released and compensated for their unlawful arrests and detentions.

Thank you Ezigbo UmuChineke and remain blessed.

We move!


Sir Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Esq.
IPOB's Lead Counsel
13th December, 2022

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