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General Umar Musa The Goc 82 Division Enugu And Major Gen Aminu Chinade Goc 6 Division Portharcourt Are Responsible For Fulani/Boko Haram Murderous Attacks In Enugu State And Rivers State- IPOB

November 28, 2022 | EASTERN PILOT   IPOB PRESS RELEASE 28/11/2022 We the global movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra under the le...

November 28, 2022 | EASTERN PILOT 


We the global movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi KANU wish to inform the general public, particularly Biafran’s as well as the International community that Brigadier General Umar Musa, GOC of the Nigeria Army's 82 Division Enugu AMINU CHINADE are the people behind the deployment of Fulani terrorist herdsmen, who have escalated the recent killings and kidnappings that are going on in these two States Enugu State and Rivers State.

These two Generals Umar Musa and Aminu CHINADE were assigned to the Nigerian Army's 82 Division Enugu and Rivers State for two sinister objectives. Firstly, they were sent to spread Fulani and Boko Haram terror in Biafra land. Secondly, they were sent to prepare the ground for the Fulani cabal to use them and the army to help in rigging the coming Nigerian selection process called an election.

Recall that these Generals Umar Musa and Aminu Chinade were instructed to be sure that they take over the land of Biafra and Musa Umar was the man in charge in Kaduna during the massacre of Southern Kaduna Christians. His atrocities were so terrible that even the Governor of Kaduna state a known Fulani supporter was horrified about the carnage being committed by the Fulani terrorists against the Sothern Kaduna Christians he could not stand in the way of the petition for his removal as the army Commander in Kaduna by the concerned stakeholders in the state and its environs. From Kaduna, this same General Umar Musa was transferred to Yorubaland. His transfer to Yorubaland saw an exponential increase in terror attacks by the Fulani terrorist Herdsmen. The leaders of the Yoruba people knowing his antecedents stood up against his deployment in Yorubaland and demanded his removal. General Umar Musa was removed and transferred to the 82 Division Enugwu where he is now carrying out the Fulani agenda unchallenged and unrestricted. These two killers must be transferred out of Biafraland. 

The mass killing by Fulani terrorists herdsmen going on in Enugu Rivers State will not stop until the Army Headquarters in Abuja remove these men, General Umar Musa from Enugu State and Aminu Chinadu remove and never deploy them in any other State in Biafraland. IPOB is warning the Federal Fulani Government of Nigeria and army headquarters urgently remove these terrorist Military officers and Boko Haram sympathizers Brig. Gen. Umar Musa and Major Gen. Aminu Chinade immediately as the GOC of the 82 Division Enugwu and Portharcourt to stop the current massacre of innocent Biafran men, women, and children going on through the instrumentality of the Fulani terrorist Herdsmen in Enugu State and others within the Command of the Nigerian Army's 82 Division Enugwu.

As General Umar Musa and Major General Aminu Chinade are using the Nigerian Army to provide logistic support to the rampaging Fulani terrorist Herdsmen by using Nigerian Army helicopters to bring in materials for them and never respond to any calls by the affected communities during these terror attacks, and kidnapping, General Umar Musa and Major General Aminu Chinade overstayed their welcome in Enugwu and Portharcourt in particular and Biafraland in general.

Since Igbo leaders and political elites have chosen to keep silent and watch their people massacred by General Umar Musa and his Fulani terrorist Herdsmen, the IPOB leadership will not keep quiet and watch our people being annihilated either by the Fulani terrorist Herdsmen or Fulani terrorists in Army uniform under the command of General Umar Musa. IPOB's Security department has courageously agreed to take the bull by the horn. Fulani terrorists and their sponsors will understand that Enugwu and other Biafran communities cannot and will not be their playground. We simply will not tolerate the killing, kidnapping, and massacre of our people nor shall we tolerate their jihadist agenda in Biafraland.

This Army Commander must be transferred away from Enugu State and Biafraland forthwith.  Enugu State is the most peaceful State in Igbo land and is strategically important to Igbo history. We will not allow Fulanis to take over any inch of our territory. All the criminal activities, kidnappings, and collecting of ramson from innocent citizens are masterminded by this Military Commander and his fellow Fulani and Boko Haram terror Kidnapping gangs in Nigeria army uniform. Brig. Gen. Umar is a Boko Haram member. He is behind all the criminalities going on in Enugu State. How could an Army Commander encourage Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen to be destroying farms and killing those who dare to stop their agenda? This can not continue and IPOB will put a put stop to it if the Nigerian Army command and the Defence Headquarters neglect or refuse to redeploy General Umar Musa out of Enugwu and Biafraland immediately.

This Army Commander has on several occasions used military helicopters to supply necessary materials to Fulani terrorists in their camps scattered in our bushes and forests from where they have launched attacks, killing, carrying out kidnappings, and sacking of communities in Enugu State. This man was the brain behind the numerous Kidnappings and killings and car snatching that have been going on at four corners and other locations in Enugwu. 

We will uproot them shortly. This same man was behind the numerous attacks and killings in Kaduna State when he was there.  He has brought his same murderous agenda to Biafraland to repeat what he did in Kaduna, but the spirit of our ancestors will bring him down.  IPOB is God's project and we will not shy away from all our goals and objectives through the help of Eze Chukwu Okike Abiama and the guidance of the spirits that guard Biafraland.

Nobody should entertain fear or worry about the ongoing tragedies in Enugu State. 

IPOB and ESN will confront those murderous Fulani herdsmen militias soon.

Yes, it is true we initially said we are not coming to defend those communities under attack because some of them and their Traditional Ruler Eze Christopher Nnamani collaborated with the Fulani terrorist military to attack ESN operatives who were in their communities to protect them.  But after IPOB leadership deliberated on the matter, we have agreed not to abandon our own not minding their initial foolishness.  Our slogan "onuru ube Nwanne ya agbala oso" (don't run away when you hear the cry of your brother) is still a fundamental guiding principle of this movement. 

Enugu State is a Biafran territory and the people in  Enugwu Communities are our brothers and sisters we cannot afford to allow them to be massacred by uncircumcised terrorists and jihadists from the Sahel called Fulani herdsmen.

The Enugu State Police Commissioner and other security agencies headed by a Fulani man are not left out. They are all Fulani terrorists masquerading as Security Agents working to take over our territory. But they have failed because our Leader,  Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU warned us that they were coming, and now they are here. Guess what? We were waiting for them.

Our demand is simple, the 82 Division Enugwu Army Commander,  Brigadier General Umar Musa *MUST* be transferred out from Enugu State. The terrorist Army Commander must leave Enugu State otherwise unimaginable things will happen.

IPOB has with this Press Statement alerted men of conscience and goodwill by putting the International community on notice.


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