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Ambazonia Leader, Dr Cho Ayaba Address To Biafrans Worldwide (Full Transcript)

Ambazonia Leader, Dr Cho Ayaba Address To Biafrans Worldwide (Full Transcript) OCTOBER 18, 2021 | EASTERN PILOT By Pang-Chi Ou The President...

Ambazonia Leader, Dr Cho Ayaba Address To Biafrans Worldwide (Full Transcript)


By Pang-Chi Ou

The President of the Ambazonia Governing Council, leader of Ambazonia Liberation War Dr. Cho Ayaba on Friday in a live broadcast address Biafrans whose leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is set to appear in court on Thursday, October 21, 2021, after he was abducted and extra-ordinary rendition to Nigeria from Nairobi, Kenya.

Read the full transcript of the live broadcast below;

My fellow Biafrans, All hail Biafra! All hail Biafra! A few months ago your leader was kidnapped and rendition to Nigeria, where he has remain detained incommunicado for the past months.
I have never really spoken directly on this issue. And I have never addressed you on this issue.
I sent a letter to the directorate, the HOD a few days ago informing them of my desire to address Biafrans across the globe on a couple of issues; the kidnapping and rendition of your leader, the alliance between Ambazonia and Biafra, the international implications of this alliance, the kidnapping of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and to assure you that you are not alone in your strife for the actualization of Biafra and to assure you once more that betrayals of the past will never again be repeated.
My fellow Biafrans, the present concept of statehood within the continent of Africa is anchored on a flawed foundation. That is why the effort of our forebears in bringing the continent together. On the concept of Pan Africanism has not worked because the fundamentals of the concept of statehood is anchored in colonialism, administrative conveniences and economic spoliation. Africa has gone through several tragedies and the children of Africa are scattered across the globe in search of a homeland. In search of an identity, in search of happiness. The continent hijacked hundreds of
years ago, splintered and shared amongst colonialists who have implanted as overseers and
managers of these plantations. Tyrants and butchers will lead waste to our coast. Looted our resources, build large army that they have used to continueto perpetuate a new colonial doctrine. that favors the west and these tyrants.
Your leader was kidnapped through an illicit intercourse between Nairobi and Abuja. The leader of the largest Indigenous group in the continent of Africa. It is a shame that in the twenty-first
century people like Biafrans who have been subjected to economic deprivation, political affixation, social exclusion, will still be treated with contempt and disdain. Let me remind Nigeria that you didn't win the war, you won the battle of 1967. You've never won the war and the reason for Nigeria's arrogance is reflected in the fact that despite the genocide committed on you, millions of Biafrans butchered Nigeria has never apologize. There has never been accountability. Nigeria has continued with a vindictive a perception as though Biafra was conquered and its leaders are still pushing out utterances sown wounds of a people who suffered a lot of injustices in the land of the abode.
All hail Biafra! Before there was Nigeria, there was Biafra. I am not addressing you as your leader. I am addressing you as a friend, as a pan Africanist, someone who believes in justice. As someone who believes in the true union of peoples within the continent, to safeguard their economic interest, to establish over their nation's political systems that work for their interest that are a reflection of their particularities not any strange political system that serve the interest of foreign dominions masterminded by tyrants who regularly organize political charade call elections to legitimize tyranny.
My fellow Biafrans, We Ambazonia’s as people who have suffered injustice for so long and we understand the pain. We understand the pain of tyranny, the curtailment of rights, the deprivation, the affixation, the exclusion. And that's why we stand with you. Unlike our forebears did in their struggle against colonialism. We believe as a people, who've suffered tribulations; we should never utter words or take actions that betray other people that is why I led Ambazonia into an alliance with Biafran Because you are a permanent neighbor. We were once governonace part of Enugu and we walk out of there peacefully to establish our own system of ruling our own capital. We share common border, a common heritage. We form one of the strongest blocks in the continent of Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea, where a reflection of the future, future prosperity and calling justice equitable distribution of wealth the exploitation of natural resources with replication and development. And where the owners of those resources have a say in the way they are managed. We are a more than 70 million strong economy with one of the most educated, economic workforce, Ingenious in terms of entrepreneurial spirit. That's why they are scared of us. That's why they've imposed tyrants to ensure that our day of sunshine never comes. About five years ago Cameron declared war in Ambazonia. It used Nigeria as a proxy state to arrest Ambazonians within Biafra within Nigeria. Illegally, rendition them to Cameroon where they were detained incommunicado, tried in Kangaroo Tribunals, and jailed for life. So when I speak about the kidnapping of your own leader, it's based on the experiences that we are faced. An experience that gives me a better platform to speak about this.
You've been left like a flock without a shepherd. But I remind you, that they've taken away your leader but they've not taken away the vision, the ideology upon which his leadership was anchored. Nigeria has a choice, Mr. Buhari has a choice. It is a choice Mr. Bia rejected.

Release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, engage in meaningful discussion on the aspirations of the Biafran people or lay Nigeria waste. Nigeria's survival depends on the freedom of Biafra not the other way round. As I said, Nigeria won the battle of 1967, it didn't win the war. The war has been going on since then; only one side has been armed, acting with impunity and with the sense of callousness as though Biafrans were captured and conquered people. You owe Nigeria nothing, Nigeria owes you its future, its economic stability, its political future. And you Biafrans must be treated with respect. Ambazonia will continue to support you, to encourage you. Whatever you decide about the outcome of your struggle, the method you want to use is a choice only Biafrans can make. Whatever choices you make, you can count on the support of my leadership. You can count on the solidarity of the Ambazonia people and for us Ambazonians, we want a stable neighbor, one that respects human rights, one whose political institution is a reflection of the particularities of its own people, its heritage, and its future. You can be rest assured that the freedom of Ambazonia will be meaningless without the freedom of Biafra, all other peoples whose destiny have been held hostage by this illicit intercourse between modern-day enslavement, manifested in the tyranny of tyrants imposed over our own nations. We will never forgive, we will not build peace and reconciliation commission. There will be truth and accountability. All those who've looted our resources laid bare our territories, murdered our people, committed genocide on us. You will be held accountable through time and space. Only then, when we can hold people accountable shall we in the future stop impunity, shall we hold leaders accountable for their act when they were in power and out of power. All those who've enabled colonialism through the legitimization of tyranny and puppets over our countries will be held accountable.
I continue to encourage you in your strives to be free. In your daily struggles, in the strategies you employ and you must be reminded all those who have died have not died in vain. All those who are in jail, have not lost their liberty in vain. Never give up! Be reminded that our both lands are flowing with the blood of patriots. Who've been murdered by those who took us captives on a daily basis as we continue to struggle to ensure that our people are free, that our destinies and future are secured, and anchored in justice. We must be reminded of other struggles, the sacrifices made by peoples. We are now scattered across the globe, living under democracies where we have the right to speak. and sometimes we listen to.

For all of those who are out of Biafra. you must continue to add your voices. To ensure that your leader is released and that the dreams of the Biafran people is realized. I've not come here to make you feel it's going to be easy. Tyranny is entrenched, brutality, murder, systematic torture, crimes against humanity and even genocide are the best options for tyrant. You will face dark days, more leaders will be killed, villages will be burned as they have been burnt in Ambazonia. You might lose another generation but the dreams of the Biafran people as manifested today in the enthusiasm which this generation has injected in the stronghold will be realized. It’s in your hands to make it happen, it's in your hands to make it fail as for us Ambazonia we are already free. We have defeated Cameroon because we made a conscious decision because occupation is pre-dedicated on economic exploitation. We were going to stop the occupier from exploiting our resources. We made a determination also that because occupation is predicated on political legitimacy; we make sure that we delegitimize the occupier in our homeland. We also realize that political stability is critical for the survival of the occupier. We made our land ungovernable. All of these strategies have crumbled Cameroon’s politics within Ambazonia, has elevated Ambazonia from. a domestic to an international issue and we know that the dawn of a new day for Ambazonia is just around the corner. As we continue to struggle for our own freedom, the alliance which myself and Mazi Nnamdi, Kanu established for both peoples and both nations is going to be strengthened to ensure that after we are free, we establish a free economic zone. Where both peoples can tap into both their human and natural resources. To have a better life and a better future.
My fellow Biafrans, Nigeria did not act alone. Kenya facilitated the kidnapping and rendition of your leader, the same crime they committed in the kidnapping and rendition of the Kurdish leader Mr. Ochala. We must know that Cameroon continues to work with Nigeria to perpetrate crimes against the Ambazonians. These alliances are critical for tyrants; they have implications on the outcomes which we seek for our people. That is why all Biafrans and Amazonians must understand that the alliance between Biafra and Ambazonia is critical. To ensure our both survivals, we will not defeat these tyrannies alone. We must work together like a people suffocated, like a people whose existence is threatened. We must stand together in all aspects. And I'm grateful and thankful that Biafrans in their hundreds joined Ambazonians across the globe in the celebration of our sixtieth year of independence. We will continue also to replicate with the same kindness to ensure that you are free.
On a daily basis, as you struggle for the freedom of your leader. You can count on me. You can count on my added voice. You can count on my own leadership. I wish you strength. I wish your own leadership strength, foresight, and wisdom as they lead you to the dreams which you've set for yourself for the generation yet unborn. You must know you are a free people. It is up to you to rise up and defend that freedom or raise your hand in surrender and allow the enemy to continue to lay waste to your territory.
All hail Biafra!
God bless you all! 

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