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IPOB uncovers plot to cause mayhem, blame ESN

IPOB uncovers plot to cause mayhem, blame ESN August 22, 2021 | EASTERN PILOT   IPOB PRESS RELEASE   The intelligence unit of the Indigenous...

IPOB uncovers plot to cause mayhem, blame ESN

August 22, 2021 | EASTERN PILOT 


The intelligence unit of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, has uncovered secret plots by the Nigeria security agencies most especially the Department of States, DSS;  and the police  to disguise as IPOB and ESN operatives to attack traders who come out tomorrow for their legitimate business. 

We, therefore want to put the world especially residents of Biafra land that IPOB has since two weeks ago suspended its initially declared Monday sit-at-home order. It therefore, makes no sense that we will at the same time be enforcing the suspended order. 

IPOB restates that there is no longer Ghost Mondays in Biafra land in solidarity with our detained leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Sit-at-home will only be observed on the days our leader will be making appearances in court. Such days will be well publicised ahead of time. 

Everybody is hereby placed on  alert about this wicked plot. IPOB will not tolerate any attack on any Biafran or resident of Biafra under any guise. People should be allowed to go about their businesses without any molestation or harrasment.

We are warning politicians and traitors including security agents who have designed to destroy IPOB and tarnish our hard-earned global reputation to retrace their steps. Biafrans are free to come out tomorrow and every Monday to do their normal business.  All  market leaders in Biafra land are advised to comply with this directive,  and ensure their markets are open for business.

Security agencies have perfected plans to unleash  attacks on innocent people in the name of ESN and IPOB volunteers. We have no plans again to enforce any sit-at-home order.

The Nigeria security agents are to be held accountable for any attack tomorrow on innocent Biafrans. They want to wear jeans trousers and combat nicker jeans and  brand it ESN and IPOB volunteers. Our people should resist any attempt by anybody to attack them tomorrow.

We understand that all DPOs, DCOs other senior police officers in Enugu held meeting to perfect this plan to attack innocent Biafrans and tag it ESN attacks. 

Fleet of Hilux vehicles have also been set aside for this assignment tomorrow. Our people need to be cautious.


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