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Insecurity: The Fulani Killer Herdsmen Carnage in Anambra State

Insecurity: The Fulani Killer Herdsmen Carnage in Anambra State May 9, 2021 | EASTERN PILOT   The Fulani's are planning to attack Anambr...

Insecurity: The Fulani Killer Herdsmen Carnage in Anambra State

May 9, 2021 | EASTERN PILOT 

The Fulani's are planning to attack Anambra State. They have recalled their people and their cows home. The Myetti Allah is threatening hell and brimstone on Anambra because a Fulani  family was killed by some aggrieved people. 

People have expressed disgust at the people who killed even women and children. Let me open the Anambra canker worms to the whole world. Anambra has been in the clutches of the fulani herdsmen for years now. They kidnap, maim and kill without anybody asking these devils questions. 

It is so bad that the governor willy Obiano cannot do anything. He is afraid of these people. Stories had it that he was nearly physically beaten by the Fulani youth leader right inside agu Awka. The governor is frightened out of his pants. Some of the Anambra traditional rulers did not help matters. Their greed made them sale their people for peanuts to the killer herdsmen. 

They collect levies from them for inhabiting the forests. 
The Fulani killer herdsmen equipped with sophisticated weapons have been into kidnap and ransom of Anambra indiges since the Obiano tenure but the governor kept suppressing the news of their evil activities until they added rape and killing to their evil agenda. 

Then, they started selling human organs. The Fulani herdsmen kill and harvest the organs of Anambra indigenes after collecting ransom. The government and the police are aware of these heinous crimes but their hands are tied. Why? The Federal Government threatens the governor with EFCC should he react to the Fulani activities and the governor threatens the traditional rulers with dethronment if they react. If you doubt the authenticity of this write up, investigate the cases I will list below. 

The President General of Omor was kidnapped and killed by Fulani killer herdsmen for daring to protect his people. His corpse was dissected and organs taken. On the course of looking for the kidnapped PG, more than 300 skeleton were found in the forests surrounding Omor, Omasi, Achalla, Amannuke and Ifite Ogwari. 

These are able bodied Anambra indigenes killed horribly in their own soil. Once more, please investigate this.

The most gruesome is the suffering of Anambra women who were kidnapped.   Miss Nkiru, a Banker was kidnapped along Aguleri Igbariam road by herdsmen. She was raped severely by these dirty devils. She is still undergoing series of surgery to mend her private parts. This is after paying ransom to these Fulani dare devils.

Three women from my community Ivite Ogwari committed suicide after their release because they were rotting away. The wife of a notable man in Ammanuke was brutally murdered at Mbaukwu junction by Fulani killer herdsmen. Countless farmers both men and women have been kidnapped in their farms and raped for weeks. These accursed people sodomise and rape men as well. Anambra indigenes have been continually abducted and murdered in this manner and the governor kept stifling the news of the activities of these demons from hell. His attitude made these horrible devils to gain so much ground in the state. People don't go to farms anymore. The roads are not safe, the home is not safe either. The incident at Awkuzu that has drawn so much outrage was a fallout from the kidnapping and murder of two women two weeks ago. Some youths summoned up courage and approached the Sarikin Fulani. Among them was a young man very fluent in Fulfude. He had hoped to dialogue with the Fulani Chieften who every body erroneously believed was the, "Good Fulani," as the villagers were approaching he passed a comment that sent chills down the young man's spine. He said, "where are these infidels going?"
After their complaint, the Sarikin called two fulani men and asked them why they butchered the women. One of them said the women have big buttocks. They simply made fun of the indigenes in Fulfude. The children of the murdered women came to bury their mothers. One of them physically fought and killed one of the Fulani killers and two others. The other Fulani killer herdsman is the one killed with his family.  This man was also reputed to be a vicious Fulani kidnap kingpin who have wrecked havoc on Anambrarians.

The Fulani community in Anambra are callous. They are enraged not because of the family killed but because someone challenged their authority. 
-Anambra arise.
-Arm yourselves to defend your households. 
- Defend your land
- defend your heritage 
- defend your daughters
- defend your lives.
Don't be caught unawares. 
To be fore warned is to be fore armed. 
The governor has been compromised. Some of the traditional rulers have been compromised.  The police will help the killer Fulani herdsmen.

From a concerned Biafran.

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