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Umahi, S'East Gov: Stop Lamenting, We warn you But You Asked For Our Head - IPOB

  Press Release  APRIL 7, 2021 | EASTERN PILOT We the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, read with great amusement, the lamentation and cro...


Press Release 


We the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, read with great amusement, the lamentation and crocodile tears by Governor David Umahi over last week's massacre of innocent people in Ebonyi and Enugu communities. How come Umahi and his cowardly fellow South East governors are waking from sleep? Our message is simple: Good morning to you all!

Umahi, on Sunday, while receiving Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who came on condolence visit, said governors of the region were currently hiding their faces in shame.

This was Umahi's lamentation: “Even when the killings happened; very unprovoked killings, some people said they gave the governor of Ebonyi State 21 days to resign. We have been called all kinds of names and we feel ashamed that the same people we fight for day and night as governors and leaders of South-East to ensure the oneness of this country would know about attacks on Ebonyi State and they were asked to leave and they left, and we were slaughtered and killed.

What face do we have then to face our people? We feel so ashamed to face our people."

Umahi, you woke up late. When our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was warning you and your fellow sabotures you called him a miscreant. You and your fellow treacherous self-acclaimed Igbo Leaders hurriedly outlawed IPOB, a peaceful movement and prepared the ground for the federal government to tag us terrorists. You puppet Igbo Leaders, in your bid to please your slavemasters approved Operation Python Dance that claimed many innocent Igbo youths. Thank God for the miraculous escape of our Leader, otherwise the vampires would have drank with his skull.

When our Leader set up Eastern Security Network, ESN, following the failure of the weak South East governors to protect the people, instead of supporting him you connived with the federal government to hunt down our men staking their lives to protect our ancestral land.

Now the Fulani you hated your brothers to protect have risen to kill your subjects in return. Why shed crocodile tears? They are your friends and One Nigeria brothers! 

Why haven't you ordered for their arrest the same way you governors approved of the onslaught against our men at Orlu? You hate your own and protect your enemy. Clean your tears and live with your One Nigeria brothers. Stop lamenting. We warned you but you took us for fools because of your worthless selfish political ambition.


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