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Why Nigerians should be indebted to Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB

Why Nigerians should be indebted to Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB Written by Chika Austine  February 8, 2021 | EASTERN PILOT   The axiom in Shakespeare&...

Why Nigerians should be indebted to Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB

Written by Chika Austine 

February 8, 2021 | EASTERN PILOT 

The axiom in Shakespeare's dictum, enshrined in his work of art (Macbeth), "fair is foul, and foul is fair," remains the true depiction of a typical Fulani man and their hijacked presidency . Same is an instrument they have employed to recruiting (southern) "saboteurs," and state machineries for the subjugation of the Southerners.

This, however, was perceived unreal, until the emergence of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and Nnamdi Kanu. The latter began sensitisation and campaign towards the emancipation of the people, but most minds, especially the political oligarchs, ignorantly termed it a "secessionist agenda". Today, it is not unclear that it goes beyond the "criminal" intent as some 'folks' have choosen to represent IPOB's messianic messages to what it truly is (Fulanis conquistadors plans).

What poor minds could not comprehend from Nnamdi Kanu's messages, due to their ethnic chauvinistic drives and deep envy that runs in a black man's blood, was that Nnamdi Kanu took time to understudy, devotedly, the 'arts and acts' of the Fulani expansionists towards overrunning our ancestral heeitage. You may have issues with the method he chose to disseminate his message, but you cannot deny he envisioned what most people could not see; spoke in boldness what forced a lot of people out of cowardness. We owe him that accolade!

The Fulani expansionists were struck with utter bewilderment over the appearance of Nnamdi Kanu on the gallery. Kanu has made impotent, the "fulanisation agenda" than we thought. In war science, the most ghastly damage one could inflict on their enemy camp, is diffusion and declassification of the covert plans of the enemy.

In all likelihood, the Fulani would not forgive Nnamdi Kanu for figuring them out by separating them from the Hausa who have been bearing the burdens of the Fulani crimes from those Fulanis wronged. Unmasking and making this cultural "chemical" separations, remains a great eye opener to us who ones point to the Hausas for crimes of the Fulanis. That singular act remains a great illumination done to our minds.

I understand the strategic disaster and destabilization Nnamdi Kanu has dragged the fulanisation project into, which has slowed down their march (dipping the Quran) into the Atlantic Ocean. To them, it is either they fight through now or they lose everything they have plotted due to Nnamdi Kanu's "unrepentant" position to cut more deep to the fulanisation agenda.

What the Fulani has built in more than six decades, Nnamdi Kanu has unraveled in less than a decade. No one would take such damage from a man who does not possess political power. Such a man must be 'divine' rather than mortal formations.

The dangers before the Fulani is alarming; such that, they must be too tactical in their steps else they would lose everything they had engineered. For instance, their structure of conquest established in the core Northern States of Nigeria, is getting bad hits from Nnamdi Kanu. On the other hand, in Igbo land, the 'fulanised' Ohaneze Ndigbo and some governors are not in the good books IPOB. Those who used to compete on who to serve Fulanis interests in Igbo land are currently on heavy lobby for PR before IPOB and on secret hire for PR making organizations. On the media fronts, lots of southern media house owners are reviewing their steps on doing the biddings of the Fulani. No one can survive consistent firebrand confrontations coming from Nnamdi Kanu. Absolutely none! The journalists and media house owners are also not left out.


What we are seeing between the Oduduwa and the Fulani is likened to the Biafra-Nigeria wars; beyond contemporary developments. What the arrogant Fulani accommodate in their narrow minds is that, since they were instrumental to "winning" the war against Biafra, hence, the feeling that Nigeria is their inheritance.

When you hear the Fulani race talk about "founding fathers," they are attributing to Usman Dan Fodio; not Awolowo, Zik or Eneharo. Their deficiency of understanding that Nigeria is not of the Fulani, makes their march uneasy; therefore, creating a dangerous pathway.

The Fulani have successfully intimidated all those who joined them in fighting for "One Nigeria" except the partially defeated Yoruba line which to them it is a task that must me accomplished. The Fulani understand that while the "Igbo elites" and others are intimidated into becoming afraid of them, that the Yoruba elites still see themselves as stakeholders in one Nigeria project - considering their part in the war for keeping Nigeria one. This is what the Fulani elites do not want anyone to think in Nigeria. To them, no one should be equal stakeholder with them in the Nigerian project. They understand they have no tool to subjugate the "equal stakeholder" Yoruba, other than terrorism. That is why they need to hem-in the Yoruba land geo-strategically in other to have a success.

Those in the presidency understand this military strategy and are into it. If the Yoruba land falls, they will replicate Ohanaeze version in Yorubaland as Afenifere of today is more of Oduduwa making than Fulanis. Whatever way it goes, one thing is certain, the Fulani and their plots have been unmasked by Nnamdi Kanu.

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