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Contributory Opinion: 'Because He Insults Us,

February 12 , 2021 | EASTERN PILOT Opinion By: Elochukwu Ohagi 'Because He Insults Us, We Will Watch Herdsmen Rape Our People' Seem...

February 12 , 2021 | EASTERN PILOT

Opinion By: Elochukwu Ohagi

'Because He Insults Us, We Will Watch Herdsmen Rape Our People' Seemed To Be What Igbo Leaders And Their Supporters Are Are Saying

Across Yoruba land, majority of them, including those in government are in support of Sunday Igboho. They understand that he is a child of necessity. Even Wole Soyinka is in support of the man. According to him, we are not suppose to just live, we should live in dignity. That's him condemning what Fulani Herdsmen are doing across Yoruba land.

It is a different ball game in Igbo land. Some people in their quick narrative in defence of the Igbo Leaders in government said that Igboho wasn't insulting Yoruba elders. They tried to project that the reason Igbo people in Nigeria government are not supporting Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is because he insults them. This is not true.

At times I have nothing but pity for those Igbo people in government. I pity them because I know what they are being put through before they are allowed to be leaders. As an Igbo man, you have to show and prove to the Fulani that you are ready to sellout and deny your own people before they can trust you. Almost all those in the leadership position in Igbo land are indebted to the Fulani Oligarchy. And not only that, they will play them into having some criminal records which will be used against them, should they start being disloyal. Such is the sorry situation the Igbo leaders found themselves in One Nigeria. And this started since after the War. Odumegwu Ojukwu stood in defence of his people. After the war, Nigeria vowed never to allow such an Igbo leader again. They vowed that Igbo people will never take control of their own destiny ever again.

No sane person will because he was insulted allow his sons to be slaughtered like animals by strangers. No one will because he was called names support or keep mute as Fulani herdsmen goes around raping his sisters and going to the extend of cutting them into pieces like they did to that young girl in Ihiala. No sane person does just that.

Actually it was because of these slavish attitudes of Igbo leaders in Nigeria government that prompted IPOB Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to call them out. This same Nnamdi Kanu has not failed to also praise them anytime they speaks in favor and protection of their own people. He did congratulated Igbo governors for banning Open Grazing across South East.

Apart from Enyinnaya Abaribe, no other leader in government in Igbo land can boldly speak to protect their people. Others will either maintain silence or speak against their own people. Their treachery during the Python Dance saga is still ever green in our minds.

The pitiable mindset of those in government in Igbo land is too worrisome. That's exactly why the five governors in Igbo land rose up and proscribed their own youths who are only protesting peacefully and demanding for referendum. The same Igbo leaders in Nigeria government are too apologetic to the Fulani herdsmen. And even told us that they have Mayeti Allah representatives in their respective government. Mayeti Allah is an organization in charge of Fulani herdsmen, which is the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the whole world.
Tell me what will make a person go hard on his own sons, only to welcome and dine with criminals, Rapists, murderers and terrorists. You think being insulted will make a man do that? There are more to it.

These guys calling themselves leaders in Igbo land are no leaders in the real sense of it. They are simply stooges planted by the Fulani. And the worse is that they are helpless stooges. That they control lots of money, which they can use to hire youths to defend them online should not fool you.

I pity them because I have deeply thought about their situation and saw how helpless they are. These people can't rescue themselves, not to talk of rescuing you. In fact, it is you that can rescue them. And that's by sending them out of that elevated position the Fulani Oligarchy kept them.

Elochukwu Ohagi, 2021.
For Family Writers Press International

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