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Nigeria now a huge wasteland of deceit, Bishop Kukah explodes

Nigeria now a huge wasteland of deceit, Bishop Kukah explodes January 8th, 2021 | EASTERN PILOT   By Oluwatobi Bolashodun   The Catholic pri...

Nigeria now a huge wasteland of deceit, Bishop Kukah explodes

January 8th, 2021 | EASTERN PILOT

 By Oluwatobi Bolashodun 

The Catholic priest on Wednesday, January 6, raised concerns over the state of the nation - The cleric also justified his 2020 Christmas message which has irked supporters and admirers of the president 

Most Revd. Matthew Kukah, the bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, has once again knocked the current administration. Kukah in his recent sermon lamented that Nigeria has become one huge wasteland, huge debris of deceit, lies, treachery, double-dealing, and duplicity where darkness reigns Supreme. 

He made the disclosure on Wednesday, January 6, while delivering his sermon at St Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral, Kaduna, during the wake-keep of Archbishop Peter Yariyock Jatau, the Archbishop of Kaduna Catholic Diocese. 

Bishop Kukah has again criticised the federal government over the state of Nigeria. The religious leader who defended himself over his 2020 Christmas message that generated reactions, insisted that as a priest he cannot stay silent about things that are wrong, adding that it is his duty to watch over the city. 

According to Kukah, he is supposed to raise his voice as a watchman whenever he sights danger in the country.

It would be recalled Kukah clarified his Christmas homily which attracted criticisms from supporters of President Buhari. The priest had in his homily accused Buhari of tribalism, adding that if a southerner were in power today, he would have been a victim of a coup. 

The message irked supporters and admirers of the president who took to social media to accuse Kukah of fanning the embers of discord and heating the polity. 

Meanwhile, the bishop of Catholic Diocese of Sokoto justified his Christmas message where he accused the Nigerian leader of incompetence. Kukah told reporters on Monday, December 28, 2020, that he does not have any ill feelings towards Buhari, but is unhappy with the way governance is currently being done. 

The cleric said he was not bothered over various reactions trailing his Christmas message. He stated that his criticism of the president was based on the standards of what is right and wrong and not because of any personal issue.


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