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Biafra: Analyzing The Inefficacies Of History Study In The Nigerian Schools

Biafra: Analyzing The Inefficacies Of History Study In The Nigerian Schools   JANUARY 29th, 2021 | EASTERN PILOT  By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinaz...

Biafra: Analyzing The Inefficacies Of History Study In The Nigerian Schools



By Eluwa Chidiebere Chinazu

Never you undermine the efficacy of history in the formation of a person, history has a way of molding the reasoning capacity and the mental toughness of a person; you cannot achieve much through determination or physical muscle what the knowledge of history can give. The truth is that you have to know your history. Today, religion is making wave and people can die for it while emulating the forebearers of the gospel. History is paramount to every sane society so as to enlighten the younger generation who were not born then to come in handy what their forebears went through as to know why they are having and enjoying a bettered society of equity and justice. 

This is because they are being thought of it.   They read stories of Moses, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, and all their apostles. When they are faced with danger, they get sense and courage by remembering how the forebears of the gospel stood firm before their enemies and won. They can even go ahead to quote many verses in the Bible or Qur'an just to keep their spirit fit for the danger ahead.  In the last EndSARS protest that failed, evidence of lack of history study abounds, it was glared for all to see. And I believe that lack of history study in Nigeria is among other reasons why the protest failed.

The school of thought here is to brighten your mind as to understand why every insane society needs revolution to usher in a sane society for all class of persons. During the last failed protest in Nigeria tagged #EndSARS protest, no placard had a quote from any of the great revolutionaries of the world in old and modern day history, no historical image of a revolutionist was displayed as to what motivated the Nigerian youths to ask for the already corrupt embedded status quo to be changed. Protest commentators never quoted any revolutionary quote from present or past great revolutionaries. 

Getting your mind equipped with the events of successful revolutions in history is a motivational aid needed during a revolution to set a pace.   Had the protesters known that a great revolution is never the fault of the people, but that of the government and that riots are the voices of the unheard, they wouldn't have allowed themselves to be fooled by the government with the element of ethnicity and religious sentiment.  Had they known how bloody the French and American revolutions were, they would have understood that the Lekki toll gate massacre was only a child's play. 

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They would have learned how to fight back violently not minding ethnicity, tribe or religious factors. It is disheartening how the youths were played by those who have mortgage their future into the hands of borrowing without doing the needful to better their lives and society, of a truth, the Nigerian elites of today know very well that today's Nigerian youths are gullible and can be easily be deceived or bought over and this pattern they have hold firm grip to turn their lives into servitude. 

The said Nigerian leaders whose on the assumption of office sworn an oath to protect the lives and properties of her citizens ignorantly invited their murderous Nigerian military to shoot at sight innocent Nigerian youth protesters who were seen in the streets demanding for what is right for them, till date nobody from the circles of those who committed this wholesale murder on the youths has been brought to book or justice dispense accordingly as one of the factors that define a sane society, why this happened is because the Nigerian youths failed to know their history or were they able to consult nor come in handy with their history journals so as to serve as a guide to them in order to achieve their aim of having a better society of justice, equity, freedom in all sphere of life.


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