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Report: Statistics Shows That 15 Protesters Were Gunned Down In Cold Blood By Nigeria Security Forces At The Lekki Toll Gate

October 25, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT One of the main actors in the EndSARS protest, Disc Jockey, songwriter and musician, Obianuju Catherine Ude...

October 25, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT

One of the main actors in the EndSARS protest, Disc Jockey, songwriter and musician, Obianuju Catherine Udeh, a.k.a DJ Switch, has said that she counted 15 dead Nigerians after soldiers opened fire on unarmed protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate on Tuesday.

In a video she posted on her Instagram handle yesterday, the artist said while she was live-streaming, seven people had died, and before her phone battery ran out, they counted 15 people that were shot dead at the scene. Displaying over 20 bullet shells, including a bullet removed from a protester’s lap, said she can’t confirm if the casualties were more than 15, but insisted many more people sustained gunshots wounds.Giving an eyewitness account, DJswitch, who herself sustained injuries, said the federal government should not insult the sensibility of grieving families and other Nigerians by denying the massacre.

DJ Switch, however, said the protesters made a mistake by dumping the dead bodies at the foot of the soldiers who took them away in their vans never to be seen again. Revealing her life is under threat, she said the struggle must continue, adding that if it stops now, the youths may never get the chance to talk again. “But we must continue peacefully. I condemn any form of violence and the burning of buses, houses, and people’s livelihoods,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, has appealed for peace in Ekiti and southwest over continued violence resulting from the #EndSARS protest in the region. Fayemi, who stated this in a statewide broadcast in Ado Ekiti yesterday, said that things took a dangerous turn over the weekend as miscreants took advantage of the protest to launch an unimaginable level of violence on the public in Ekiti and in other states, adding that the import of the protest has been largely achieved.

He said that as a result of those who unleashed mayhem on private and public property, the state government was compelled to impose a 24-hour curfew in the state. Fayemi said the curfew was imposed to ensure that the crisis does not escalate since criminals enjoy mimicking violent occurrences in other places. It is my hope that we will not have cause to extend the curfew any further. There would be an exception for Saturday and Sunday worship in churches.”

He commiserated with those who have suffered losses as a result of the wanton destruction that occurred in the state and prayed for healing and peace.


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