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Opinion: Nnamdi Kanu's Message Might Cause More Trouble In Nigeria, If The Government Doesn't React

Opinion: Nnamdi Kanu's Message Might Cause More Trouble In Nigeria, If The Government Doesn't React October 15, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT...

Opinion: Nnamdi Kanu's Message Might Cause More Trouble In Nigeria, If The Government Doesn't React

October 15, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT 

Brown Conteur

Welcome to today's article everyone. I will be bringing out important point and insights from the message the leader of The Indigenous People Of Biafra, Kanu, wrote on his official Facebook page.

He is a person that has always been known to be pushing the agenda for the division of Nigeria which is why I'm not surprised about his message.

But, I feel the government needs to react to prevent what Nnamdi Kanu said from happening because I don't think that it's the best option for the Country right now.

The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has taken to his Facebook page to write and tell Nigerians what to do regarding the demands they are making, according to him the government isn't to be trusted.

While telling Nigerians, especially the youths that there's no difference between the just created Special Weapons And Tactics unit (SWAT) and the old unit, Special Anti Robbery Squad unit (SARS). It's just same thing the only difference is the new name. He also alleged that the SWAT team has been in existence since 2018, so the government lied about creating the unit just recently.

He went further to call the government a Fulani government and warned them to stop practicing a government of liars by liars and for liars, because it's reprehensible.

Furthermore, he said the only way forward is to end Nigeria because according to him that's the only way to stop the high powered deception from the government. I think this will cause trouble if the government doesn't react by doing what no one thinks they can do which is truly granting the will of the people.

Kanu calling for the end to Nigeria will certainly stir up fresh agitations especially from the Eastern part of the country where thousands of Nigerians follow and trust his words. The country is already at the brink of division, so agitations won't do no good to the current unity but will inevitably shatter any unity left.

The Government need to react to this by granting the wish of the people which is totally scrapping and disbanding the Special Anti Robbery Squad unit, and also reforming the entire police force this will help in strengthening the country's unity and also prove Nnamdi Kanu wrong.

By granting the people's wish the government will prove to Kanu that they are not liars and that they have the affairs of the people in heart. So I think the government needs to react positivity now before the followers of Nnamdi Kanu start causing trouble in Nigeria.

And I also think the government should react by restructuring the economic and political structure of the country. Many prominent Nigerians has called for the restructuring of the country but the leaders won't listen. The government should start showing an act of goodwill to the people to avoid division.

No leader would love to have his country divided under his rule but if the present government doesn't do right by the people then they might just have an unquenchable plea for division erupting right under their leadership.

An end to Nigeria won't give the people the satisfaction they need, it might just be creating more trouble. So instead of letting that happen the government should give In to the demands of the people which is primarily reforming the police and restructuring the country.

It's pertinent to note that this is my own opinion and at such is open to critics, logical arguments, and correction if need be.