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Opinion: The British Lies That kills millions

    October 30, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT Written By : Kalu Agwu Indigenous population continues to be killed since the British created Nigeria i...


October 30, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT

Written By: Kalu Agwu

Indigenous population continues to be killed since the British created Nigeria in 1914. Nigeria was created out of lies. First,it was the West Africa Frontier Force- an army made up of few Europeans using Africans mostly Fulanis who were formerly slave raiders for the British slave buyers. This military force was formed by Frederick Lugard to force the Indigenous people in West Africa into the present day Nigeria state which is called a forceful amalgamation. He was under the instructions of her Majesty's order in England.

They used the Royal Niger Company as a trading post and fraudulently used lies to amalgamate nigeria without the consent of the people that have lived on the land for thousands of Years. They pitched the people against each other in their policy of ''Divide and Rule'' or ''Indirect Rule''. in a very dangerous and negative way just to satisfy the British economic interests. When the people protest about the injustice;they are killed by the puppets picked among the people. Remember the Aba women protest of 1929 and the Enugu coal mine massacre. At that time,warrant chiefs were used just as the present day political office holders like governors. They serve as ''the willing tools''  and they are used to suppress the will of the people and kill the future of the indigenous population. They forced the people into the claws of present day nigeria state enslavement. The British is always there sponsoring all these killings from behind and they always lie about it.

In 1967,the British enforced air,land and sea blockade on the Eastern Nigeria which is Biafra,to protect British interests in oil and gas installations spread all over Eastern Nigeria which is Biafra. They secretly sold arms and ammunition to Nigerian state actors as against International embargo of military supplies to both Nigeria and Biafra. The British also secretly provided ammunition and military support through the Soviet Union . The British lied about all these facts. The British executed the Nigeria genocidal war on Biafra using the Nigeria state actors like Yakubu Gowon,Olusegun Obasanjo,Mohamadu Buhari,Ibrahim Babangida and so many others as proxy to commit genocide on Biafra whereby more than five million (5) Biafra people including children that were starved to death. They lied that it was only a million people killed.

The British lied about these facts and they went ahead to constitute a false and fraudulent panel of inquiries that consisted of likely covered agents working for the British to deny and say that there were no genocide committed on Biafra whereas the Irish journalists on ground who saw the atrocities  reported evidence of genocide. The British has always lied about the atrocities they commit against the indigenous people in Nigeria. The #EndSarsNow protest is one of many lies of the British seen through her officials or their proxies in Nigeria as governors or political office holders. These political office holders in Nigeria are mere puppet working under strict instructions from the British. The instructions is passed through the Fulani caliphate and circulated through the stooges in different government offices across Nigeria. That is why they subtly placed a particular ethnic and religious nationalities the Fulanis in every strategic political and security posts for a particular agenda.

All these state actors serving the British interests as willing tools occupy political position because elections doesn't count,candidates are picked based on agreement with the Fulani caliphate on the terms that they can't implement policies to the interest of the people rather follow strict instructions from the Fulanis who in turn had taken their instructions from the British mostly through the British high commissioners to nigeria. The Fulanis use conversion to Fulani Islam to compel or blackmail these political office holders from Eastern Nigeria making them to work as stooges while their gains remains the little crumbs they benefit at the present. They are used as governors or other political or security office holders. They do not know,understand what future they will leave for the children unborn.

The evil of Today may start manifesting in the next 50 years. What is your hope in nigeria? some say it is igbo presidency 2023 and I ask them; after the presidency what next? how long will it take for all the 250 ethnic groups that make up Nigeria to have their own turns as presidents?as we speak the boko haram that were recruited into the nigeria Army as repentant terrorists are now going from house to house in Obigbo, in Rivers State as Nigeria soldiers killing,raping,burning houses and abducting people . What is all these? The British also lied about it whereas there is evidence. Since 2016 the British has been funding,training and sponsoring #SARS in Nigeria as they keep slaughtering citizen on daily basis even in broad day light.

Judge for yourself. Nigerians are on the streets worldwide protesting to the the British to stop the lies,stop the death of ordinary Africans and listen to the voice of the people. Nigeria has never worked for the Indigenous people and will never work for Africa development. The voice of the people is for a Referendum to be conducted for the Indigenous people to determine their fate through a peaceful self determination rights implementation by the United Nations which British government must move as a matter of urgency to support and do the right thing to save children being killed in Nigeria now.

This British lies can be seen bellow as busted by this British labour Member of Parliament (MP) Kate Osamor

Read her Tweet:

On 19 October the Minister for Africa @JamesDuddridge
assured me that the UK Government had provided no funding to SARS units.

That wasn't true. The Minister has now confirmed that the Government has trained and supplied equipment to SARS units from 2016 to 2020.



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