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Nnamdi Kanu announces cleanup exercise across Nigeria, says protest will continue until demands are met

Nnamdi Kanu announces cleanup exercise across Nigeria, says protest will continue until demands are met ... Warns against looting, vandalism...

Nnamdi Kanu announces cleanup exercise across Nigeria, says protest will continue until demands are met

... Warns against looting, vandalism

Chikwas Onu Ikpe

October 26, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT 

In the past few days, there has been an insurrectional uproar across Nigeria, sequel to the assault meted out to the peaceful  EndSars protesters by Nigerian security operatives.

Public utilities, private firms, malls, police stations; including financial institutions, were reportedly plundered in the heat of the uprising.

However, Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in a radio broadcast Sunday announced a clean-up exercise across the country, especially in heated areas of the revolt. The exercise, he said, would commence on Monday, to clearing the debris as a result of the public turbulence.

"On Monday [today], IPOB, and every other protester should come out; we are going to cleanup the streets, starting from Enugu to Aba. The same thing is going to happen in Lagos. People are going to clean everywhere they messed up.

"After the clean-up exercise, protests shall continue, peacefully. Protesters should converge at a place, not moving about. Those in Enugu should meet at a place. Same thing goes with those in Lagos; likewise Abuja, and so on.

"We cannot afford to allow them to collapse this very revolution. But, people are now going to conduct this revolution based on ethnicity - that is what they want - Yoruba people will go after Yoruba corrupt politicians; while Biafrans will go after Biafran politicians. If those of them in the North wants to join the revolution, then they should also do the same."

Kanu warned those who he described as "thieves," pillaging the commercial premises, public and/or private businesses, in the guise of protesting, to refrain from such act; or face the music.

"Some of you abandoned a revolution designed to set you free, designed to stop the police and army from killing you; and turned it into a chase for food. Some of you abandoned the opportunity that would have brought about a more desired change into your lives, and you started to indulge in armed robbery, and wanton destruction of private properties; because you people are Blacks, you do not reason properly.

"I understand some of the destruction of properties are being carried out by thugs, hired by politicians. We know that very well.

"You have now forgotten those that died. You have forgotten that somebody took away the cameras, switched off the street lights at the Lekki toll gate. You have forgotten that somebody gave the order to open fire on unarmed protesters. You see, you have been distracted. One thing about you people is that you always put the need of the stomach above your overall wellbeing, and prosperity.

"But, believe me, by this time next month all those loot -that bag of rice, cartons of noodles - would finish, then SARS would start killing you all over again. 

Finally, Kanu added that; "anybody caught breaking a bank, or vandalizing people's properties is finished. If you are planning to do so, tell your relatives that you may not come back alive. More so, any security agency or army unit foolish enough to fire at protesters will go down. The governor of that very State, all (your) houses, properties will go down; that I assure you.

"If security operatives do not fire at protesters, and allow the protest to proceed; any damage caused, IPOB shall bear the consequences. But, if you send your thugs to cause damage, then they will die there.

"Keep the army, and police away from protesters. People will police themselves as the protest continues until all the demands are met."

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