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Breaking News: Obigbo Massacre And The Silence Of The Media On The Killings in Rivers State

November 1, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT Report By: Kalu Agwu Long before the #EndSARS protest started and was later hijacked by rather violent gov...

November 1, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT

Report By: Kalu Agwu

Long before the #EndSARS protest started and was later hijacked by rather violent government recruited criminals, different communities across Nigeria have had gory tales to tell about the extrajudicial killings,raping,torture and extortion going on; on a daily basis all over Nigeria by the Nigeria Military,Police and other security agencies.

This Nigeria Military has been recruiting terrorists into the Army. The Nigerian Army has in so many occasions announced the recruitment of the so called ''Repentant Rehabilitated'' Boko Haram jihadi fighters into the Army. These recently recruited jihadists are killing Nigerians everyday in the name of Special Anti Robbery Squad Team. Remember that these government sponsored criminals were caught on video when they were brought by the Nigeria secret service DSS vehicles and were dispatched with strict instructions to different venues of the peaceful protest to cause chaos and thereby enable the government to unleash the military on the people. Which they later succeeded with brute force and lies to cover it up.

These government sponsored criminals were later referred to as hoodlums who infiltrated the peaceful #ENDSARS protesters to unleash violence. The facts remains that the #ENDSARS protest was peaceful and reasonable protest of all Nigerians all over the world in reaction to the sixty(60) years of Nigeria experiment with failure as the result for the present generation of Nigerian youths.

Nigerian government sponsored the criminals to attack the protesters,attack public properties so as to attract military deployment to disperse the genuine peaceful complaints of the citizens who are in pains,sorrow and hunger. Unfortunately,the protests that happened all across Nigeria has been used as an excuse to single out the Igbos in River State by the state governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike who of course himself is a self-denying Igbo man.

One heartbreaking story in Nigeria now is the #OyigboMassacre or #ObigboMassacre in Rivers State Nigeria, where several members of the Oyigbo community have been reportedly killed by security operatives invited by the state governor. The governor has used the guise that Reports have it that  it is  a reprisal attack on the community by the Nigerian Military following the killing of a member of the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit by hoodlums. 


Who are these hoodlums? We must recall that from the 20th of October,2020 when the Nigeria Military opened fire on a crowded peaceful #ENDSARS protesters in Lekki tollgate Lagos whereby more than 15 Nigerians were murdered in cold blood by the Military , there were a mob action against the police all over Nigeria. This Mob action was genuinely carried out all over Nigerian cities by the Nigerian youths who are fade up with the failure of Nigeria as a state that gained independence for 60 years without an uninterrupted electricity generation to show for it.

In Lagos,Nigeria ports authority office was set ablaze.Many commuter buses were also burnt in Lagos. Police stations were burnt down by the angry mob who are tired of the accumulated anger on the Police for years of extrajudicial killings,extortion and impunity. The Nigerian masses rose up against these agents of darkness called Nigeria Police. This burning of Police stations and killing of some policemen though regrettable but was carried out in anger by Nigerian youths all over Nigeria. The question to ask is: Why is governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike singled out the Igbos as he puts it for slaughter?

It’s been days since reports of the #OyigboMassacre #ObigboMassacre videos and footage of the Nigeria Military siege  abducting men from age 13 to 40 years of age and nobody in authority has seen the need to stop the killings and address the issue. Police stations were burnt in Lagos,Osun,Katsina Kogi and so many other states in Nigeria but there is no Military deployment to those other places. Why single out the Igbos for slaughter?

Nigerians do not expect that a crime of such magnitude would be overlooked and allowed to go on unattended. But here we are today. The very thing Nigerian youth seek to put an end to has been aggravated to a more unacceptable level. Indeed, every life matters; including the lives of the security operatives and the citizens, they are paid to protect. The security agents should not commit crime with impunity and expect the citizens to be law abiding. Why will a National Army destroy a whole community burning it down without any injunction from the court? What justifies the actions of the Military in a civilian environment? Does Nigeria really have a constitution or is it a banana republic?

And it is unacceptable for the Army or anyone in whatever capacity to think it is okay to kill another human being or go on a killing spree while destroying communities in an attempt to get retribution for the concocted story that a Policeman was killed. It is wrong. This is nothing other than jungle justice. The Army that runs whenever Boko Haram is mentioned is now in #ObigboMassacre slaughtering women,children and carting away properties they deem useful to themselves.

It is hoped that the authorities will ensure that justice is served to the victims of the #OyigboMassacre too.



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