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Opinion: The Water Bill And The Agenda Behind It

  September 2, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT While I was away, I read one article from one of these Southern APC online fools. The article tried to p...


September 2, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT

While I was away, I read one article from one of these Southern APC online fools. The article tried to play a smart one on the Christians. This Christian Southerner said that the only people complaining about CAMA are those private jet pentecostal pastors. Saying that Imans, Catholics, Anglicans, Presbyterians and Methodists will never complain.

He made the Catholics and other orthodox churches to feel good while demonizing the pentecostal churches. To my greatest surprise, I saw many of our people, who probably weren't members of pentecostal and few atheists supporting the write up.

Many of us hardly read in between lines. When you let enemies use your people to divide you, after the defeat of the first group, they will come for you. If they destroy the pentecostal churches and take over their financial institutions using senseless laws, they will still come after the orthodox churches.

Nigeria government is a JIHADIST government. They don't make laws if not to subdue the people with it. This CAMA, and the law seeking to take over your waters are all about weakening you. It is an extension of Ruga. When your waters are taken by the government, you have no more control over the waters and its surroundings. They can take it, pay some of your leaders to keep quiet or support it and gift it to the Fulani herdsmen to flourish. They are leading us all to slaughter house.

Did you read the news about Christians in Kaduna demanding that their pastor uses their tithes and offering to buy them weapons for self defense? The Fulani oligarchs are wise. They have seen this coming, hence the law that can allow them take over the financial powers of these multi billion dollar churches, should they try anything stupid. These jihadist knew the hell they are bringing and they are aware there will be resistance. That is why they are fighting hard to take control of the church finance. There will be a time, the churches in Nigeria will be forced to bring out their money in support of self defense. And it must be stopped using the senate.
CAMA is a ploy by the powers that be to stop this. Without weapons, there is no how the people can defend themselves. By then Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen, ISISI, ISWAP, Bandits will unite to bring Islamic Jihad against the Christians in Nigeria. Imagine how it will be like facing these terrorists with nothing.

Never you because of the complicity of the churches and their silence in what is happening in Nigeria, support or be indifferent about CAMA. Church leaders have failed the people. CAN leaders are compromised, yet we have some trustworthy few among them. And we must stand with them.

Stop comparing Nigeria with Britain or America. Stop giving excuses that the same laws are in America and Britain. Nigeria looks like a terrorist state. They will use the law to further their Jihad. Remember that this same Nigeria copied their constitution from America, yet you can see how undemocratic the useless entity is today. Once you criticize the president, DSS will arrest you.

If you are still thinking that this Jihad is only about physical wars, then you are blind. The war has been taken to the senate. Policies and laws are being enacted to further this Jihad. They already have their foot soldiers in Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. They have also sent Boko Haram members into Nigeria military for more training and take over. In years to come, some of these Boko Haram commanders in Nigeria Army will be heading the Army and the police. Read up about Turkey and how it turned into Islamic Republic.

Stop thinking this is propaganda. Some 5years ago, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu told us ISISI is coming. Just recently an American intelligence said ISISI is already in Nigeria to erect a Caliphate. They described your government as a jihadist government. Stop thinking nothing is happening. When it starts, your English will be completely useless. It can't stop them.

We must say no to CAMA and any ploy to take over our waterways and its surrounding lands.

Written By:

Elochukwu Ohagi

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