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Exposing the Lies of Clifford Iroanya

Exposing the Lies of Clifford Iroanya July 7, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT By Mazi Darlington Imoh Re- STATEMENTS OF CLIFFORD IROANYA ABO...

Exposing the Lies of Clifford Iroanya

July 7, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT

By Mazi Darlington Imoh


I read with much consternation the statements of Clifford Iroanya on Nnamdi Kanu and Ace Nnorom, an Obowo man who told me early this year that he NO LONGER gives a hoot about Biafra, that his allegiance is now to Cameroon because he was brought up in Cameroon. I wish him well in his newly found nativity. For the purpose of my write up I will suggest that henceforth Iroanya and Ace Nnorom should clarify or agree on the line of LIE they want to tell before they speak or send to the public because according to Iroanya's testimony, before they expelled fake lady bankers in Houston Texas, Iroanya said that Ace Nnorom was aspiring to become a member of the British Parliament and secondly that Ace Nnorom met Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in DSS detention in Abuja. As a matter of fact, NOBODY was allowed to come and see MNK at the DSS detention, NOT even British diplomats were allowed to see him. The only people that were allowed to see MNK at the DSS detention were his lawyer, his mother & his siblings. Even at that MNk's mother and his siblings were allowed to see him only ONCE and his lawyer saw him only twice. So how did Ace Nnorom manage to see MNK at the DSS detention when even the father-in-law of MNK was refused a visit to see him?

Iroanya also claimed that Ace Nnorom was aspiring to be a Member of the British Parliament (an MP) and wanted to contest to represent his constituency as their MP and that he could have used his office as an MP to facilitate the restoration of Biafra.  Well, Ohaneze, all the years I have known Ace Nnorom he did NOT for once tell me anything about any political ambitions and if Ace Nnorom ever had such an ambition, his closest friends will be the people he will tell the first and he was one of my close friends but not any longer. We disagreed because of his negative comments about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and that spelt the end of my friendship with him. Since I heard this claim for the first time from Clifford Iroanya, could Iroanya tell me how Ace Nnorom who by then was had issues with his accommodation and working part-time because he was studying, be Campaigning or aspiring to be a British MP?

As at the time in question Ace Nnorom was thrown out of his Council flat where he lived in with his wife and children. Ace Nnorom then begged me to let him live in my house RENT FREE. Since Iroanya wants us to contact Ace Nnorom to corroborate his story let the public also inbox Ace Nnorom through his Facebook account Lordace Nnorom to ask him if there was a time he begged me, Mazi Darlington Imoh to habour him in my house or not. When Ace Nnorom made his demands to live with me, I told him that I will think about it, which is a British polite way of saying "NO THANKS". But Ace will NOT accept the first NO for an answer.

A week later he mounted pressure on me saying that he was living in a church building that he goes there to sleep after the last church service ends and that sometimes the last service does NOT end till 10 PM and that the stress was telling on his health. I then told him the blunt truth, that in as much as I sympathised with him that every month I pay NINE different bills in each of my houses in London. (1) Mortgage interest payment
(2) A slice of mortgage capital repayment
(3) Endowment policy on the mortgage
(4) Service charge
(5) Council tax
(6) Gas bill
(7) Electric bill
(8) Water rate
(9) Maintenance.

I told him plainly that I CANNOT be toiling hard under English winter and snow to meet all these bills and another human being will come and relax in my house rent-free. I told him that nobody, absolutely no one, NOT even a landlord lives free of charge in his own house free of charge. By the time a house owner pays ALL the nine bills above to live in his house then he doesn't live free of charge. So Biafrans, if you don't mind, can you ask Iroanya to explain to you how someone sleeping rough as they say in Britain, at a material time in question, or someone of NO FIXED ADDRESS as they say in the zoo, could be aspiring to be a member of the British parliament?

It is only recently that Ace Nnorom registered a cleaning company where he is just managing. So it is NOT possible for a man of Ace Nnorom's standing to contest for a parliamentary seat. It is for men & women of credit & stability to contest to be British MPs, it is NOT for Gingerbreaders like Ace Nnorom.

FOR THE DOUBTING THOMASES, to prove that this is NOT a case of my word against the words of Iroanya/Ace Nnorom, can Iroanya and Ace Nnorom tell Biafrans the British political party platform from which Ace Nnorom was contesting to be an MP, which year and what constituency?
Again, Iroanya claimed that Ace Nnorom was part and parcel of IPOB, but this is a LIE. Can Iroanya produce evidence that Ace Nnorom was registered as a member of IPOB in London or in any of the constituent parts of Great Britain i.e England, Scotland, or Wales? If Ace Nnorom was NOT even an active member of IPOB how then could he have the level of influence to effect a change of leadership?

Iroanya claimed that Ace Nnorom came to DSS detention to ask Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to cede leadership of IPOB to him (Iroanya), for a start Ace Nnorom never met Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at DSS detention in Abuja, so for Iroanya or anyone to talk of or desiring or dreaming of replacing MNK when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was in detention will be as preposterous as HOPELESS UZODIMMA who came fourth in 2019 gubernatorial elections leaping like a frog bypassing the 3rd, the 2nd and replacing the winner to become the Imo State Governor. Such a thing will NOT happen in a civilised country.

Iroanya was then the 4th on the list of IPOB leadership, a position he was singlehandedly appointed into by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Ask Iroanaya who promoted him to DOS if not Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Who made him CoC, is it not Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? How could Iroanya have jumped Uchenna Asiegbu, the former head of DOS, Uche Mefor the deputy to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to become the head of IPOB? So all these lies must be exposed.

So Iroanya, when next you are going live to discuss with your fake bankers and fraudsters in Houston Texas, get your stories straight so that anything you say can be corroborated. Ace Nnorom has lied so much that he can no longer show his face in public. So Iroanya look for someone else to lie with his name and leave Ace Nnorom out of it because Ace Nnorom is just struggling to make both ends meet with his meagre subsistence income.

Mazi Darlington Imoh.
Akaekpuchiónwa 1 of Arondizuogu
The Officer Without Portfolio of the Biafran Campaign

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