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The Jewish man fighting for Christians in Nigeria

The Jewish man fighting for Christians in Nigeria June 9, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT A Facebook user simply identified as viral has shown...

The Jewish man fighting for Christians in Nigeria

June 9, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT

A Facebook user simply identified as viral has shown his dismay and big disappointment over Nigerian Christian leaders inability to fight for Christians in Nigeria.

Viral berates the Catholic and Anglican bishops for not doing much to expose the ongoing state sponsored Christian killings but a Jewish man spends US$85,000 monthly yet he does not receive tithes.

Read the full post below;

I am a Christian, a Catholic but I am covering my face in shame. Today is the worst day to be a Christian for me, shame to me, shame to my Catholic leaders, shame to all pastors, shame to all Christians in Nigeria.

My question is simple, is $85,000 too costly to fight the state sponsored terror in Nigeria? It shocked me that Nigerian pastors and clerics appear in the Forbes list of richest men in Africa yet Nigeria is at the top list of the worst places to be a Christian. Then my greatest shock is that it is a Jewish man that is fighting for Christians in Nigeria.

May the good Lord do well to punish every Christian in Nigeria for we are the greatest fools ever. Everyday our own brothers and sisters are slaughtered in southern Kaduna and different parts of the north and middle belt and we can’t bring out just $85,000 to save them. We all should be going to hell.

David Oyedepo is the richest pastor in Nigeria with a net worth of $150 million. He has a private jet but Christians still manage to die at his back yard. He must be a very wicked fellow. He answers the richest pastor but a Jewish miscreant is saving the lives of Christians who will later go and pay tithe to Oyedepo. Shame.

Chris Oyakilome is rated $50 million but he has not for once held the government accountable for the death of Christians. Something tells me that he is sent from hell. If he can’t blow trumpet and stop the silent slaughter of Christians in Nigeria. But a Jewish man is doing the job for him and unfortunately he will not receive tithes.

TB Joshua is rated at $15 million but he will not hold the government accountable for the silent slaughter of Christians. He must be a devil sent. But a Jewish man fights the battle for them with just $85,000 monthly and he does not receive tithes.

The Catholic Church, Anglicans and Pentecostals were not rated but I believe they topple all these mega churches by 20%. Catholic Church alone generates more money than any other Church in the world and some how Christians continue to suffer death.

We have all these millionaires in Nigeria and still Christians continue to be killed silently and only a Jewish man fights for them with a monthly spending of $85,000.

The Christian Association of Nigeria is a devil incarnate. They are the visible lucifer of the modern era. Pastor Suleman accused Pope Francis of being an anti Christ but the main anti Christ is before him, the CAN, and he is a member. I do wonder why Satan always falls into the habit of calling others Satan. I will ask Suleman one day.

In 2018 alone more than 5,000 Christians were killed in the whole world and Nigeria accounts for about 3k of this number. In 2019, the number was about 3k and Nigeria accounted for more than half of the number. In 2020, we are in the sixth month and about 500 have died already. People are still going to die obviously and everything is going to look like nothing is happening.

Some will defend the pastors, that they are speaking against it but they don’t realise that what our dying brothers need is money. The Jewish man uses a hard earned $85,000 monthly but all our pastors cannot bring out a dime.

The Jewish man protecting Christians in Nigeria is the infamous miscreant and mannerless rabble rouser, Nnamdi Kanu in case some sane Christians want to know whom to pay their tithes to. If you go to his Twitter page, you will hardly pass a post without seeing an outcry for the slaughtered Christians in Nigeria, something you will not see in any social media account of any Pastor.

I am thinking of becoming a Jew already because his actions speak volumes more than anything my preachers say. He is the Jesus I see, his life reflects the life of Jesus so much that calling him a saviour will not be wrong. He preaches fearlessly and he insults the authorities like Jesus did to the Pharisees and Scribes. May God bless him.

Shame to the catholic bishops
Shame to the Anglican bishops
Shame to T.B. Joshua, David Oyedepo, Chris Oyakilome, Pastor Suleman, and other private jet pastors.
Shame to Pentecostal leaders.
Shame to protestant leaders.

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