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South East: Between the Army Checkpoints and the Fulani Herders

February 24, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT The Nigeria military checkpoints in the South-Eastern region may be on a different mission, rather ...

February 24, 2020 | EASTERN PILOT

The Nigeria military checkpoints in the South-Eastern region may be on a different mission, rather than to protect the citizens, they are there to protect the influx of Fulani herdsmen assigned to carry out killings in Biafra land. Information we received from a top security personnel, name withheld, who took it upon himself to carry out this underground assignment, after he was tipped off by one of his northern colleagues have these to say.

"All these military checkpoints in the East is not for the security of the Easterners but to protect the FULANI herdsmen. A fact-finding team was sent to look into this information and they came back with the following information and it seems to be true".

 "From Enugu Nsukka axis through new bypass of Ugwogo Nike- Opi Nsukka road, before getting to the place called Ekwegbe, there's a vast empty land where Fulani herdsmen graze, there is an army checkpoint there, within 2km drive over the hill, you'll see another army checkpoint".
From that point, if you look either left or right about 400m from the point you will see cows grazing close to the military.

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"Along Enugu-Onitsha expressway, from golf flyover to Ugwu Onyeama, there is an army checkpoint. That place is the Fulani headquarters in Enugu, the left and right is flooded with grazing cows".

"The cashew plantation near there have been taken over by Fulani people, the women from Abor the indigenous owner can no longer step their feet into those cashew plantations without being molested or killed".

 "It is now the Fulani women that harvest those cashews and sell them at 9th mile. After that, you'll see another army checkpoint at Ugwuoba Oji River, which is the bush where they Fulanis graze and sell at Ugwuoba and Amansea Awka cattle market".

"Along 9th mile Enugu Makurdi road, at Umuoka there's an army checkpoint, both left and right is another grazing land for occupied by the Fulanis. The area is also a known notorious Fulani robbery and kidnapping zone down to imilike Ani a town close to Obolloafor". There is an army checkpoint. left and right, 100m from the point you can see them grazing their cows.

"Down to Inyi, a border town between Enugu and Benue state, there's an army checkpoint.
Both sides are vast bushes, forcefully occupied by the Fulanis for grazing. Then coming from Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway, from Enugu city to Ituku about 2km from UNTH is an army checkpoint, both left and right you will visibly see cows grazing not more than 400m away from the army checkpoint".

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"Furthermore, in Lokpanta army checkpoint, left and right you will see Fulani grazing their cows. Some 400m away is Lokpanta cattle market. Next is another army checkpoint close to the road going to Arondizogu both left and right are vast of land with Fulani cows grazing visibly 400m away".

Another army checkpoint is after Okigwe roundabout, just in front of the new cattle market established by Rochas Okorocha. When you look on both sides you'll see cows grazing along the road. Same thing until the last one before Imo river, all of the army checkpoints. You will see cows grazing within 400m away. So those checkpoints are just to protect Fulani herders in the bush.

"Some of our people are sleeping while the Fulanis are circling us on a daily basis, our source laments". 

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